It’s no secret that my love for family photography is big. If you were to walk into my home you’d see snapshots from our lives everywhere you look. And most likely, as you you move closer to an image, I’d be telling you the story behind it. Eventually, we’d slowly walk around our home as you listen to me retell some of the sweetest and sometimes hardest moments of our lives.


That’s the thing with family photography, is it tells a story. There’s so much to share behind an image. And if you’re brave, it can tell your whole story, and do so beautifully. So often, when we are in the trenches of motherhood, life doesn’t feel beautiful. And if we’re honest, we don’t always feel beautiful either. But here’s the thing. You are. And so is your life. Is it perfect, no. But beautiful…absolutely. My desire as a family photographer is to show you just how beautiful your life truly is. To hand over images that enable you to remember every bit of your story, and to share it with others.


Here are just a few of mine: The clock in the delivery room when I realized my daughter would be born on my mama’s birthday. A picture of Eden holding her precious bunny before she became all tattered and worn. My kids dancing on a quilt made by my great grandmother to their favorite song that year: Stuck like Glue. The faces of children we thought would spend their entire lives with us, only to leave our home a few short weeks later. The boys cuddled on their bunk beds the year they began to share a room. A summer morning running through the sprinklers and eating watermelon. My daughter’s artwork above her bed. Kids carrying our chickens around the backyard. Farmer Asher who still refuses to hold a chicken but drags around a shovel like a boss. Eden wearing my rain boots in her pj’s playing with the puppies we watched being born. Our entire family in the same field of Texas bluebonnets I grew up around as a child. And the list goes on.


I so hope these images below encourage you to start, or hopefully, continue to share your family’s story through photography. Not the one you wish you had, or the one the world says you need. But yours. I would be so honored to step into your lives and capture you exactly as you are.

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