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I finally did it. I joined the Snapchat train.

I still have mixed feelings about it, but here are 3 reasons why I caved:

Reason # 1: It’s unfiltered

This actually was my biggest reason why I didn’t join for so long. As a photographer, I love having a somewhat polished look to all my images, and I love giving them their “best.” But then, my dear friend Katelyn James posted this on Instagram the other day: “The no-so-polished look at our daily adventures can be viewed on snapchat!!!: “katelynalsop”

I immediately found myself wanting to see her “not so polished look” at life. And then something clicked: isn’t that what we all really want? To be connected to real humans who are unpolished and imperfect, just like I am? I found myself drawn to her snapchat because it was authentic and real life. It was the unfiltered version of a photographer who does beautiful work. And if I wanted that “behind the scenes” look at her life, maybe someone would want the same from me.

Reason #2: Instagram is changing

I’ve always been a big insta-fan. Still am! I’m not freaking out about the changes that are coming to Instagram, and I don’t want you to turn on all notifications from my posts either. Please, keep the notifications off! Otherwise your phone will be buzzing like crazy and that, quite frankly, would drive me nuts. But with the upcoming changes, it’s wise to simply diversify the ways I connect with others through social media. As my friend Shay said in a recent newsletter, don’t put all your social media eggs in one basket (IE: Instagram), because you never know when something might change.

Reason #3: It makes me laugh

Y’all, I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve almost peed my pants using face swap and those ridiculous filters. It’s terrible and hilarious and I feel like I’m a 12 year old but seriously – SnapChat can’t be all bad if it makes me laugh that hard, right!?

To be honest, sometimes I feel like I’m breaking the mold of “fine art film photographers,” and I’m 100% okay with that. I don’t have a 100% film Instagram feed. (In fact, most if it is not film.) I’m now using unfiltered snapchat. I write from my heart. I speak. I launched a shop. And all of this is GOOD because you know what?

I’m called to blaze a new trail – not to fit in with the rest.

My hesitation with SnapChat was because it showed a lot of “imperfect.” It wasn’t polished. And to be honest, it’s just not the most user friendly app so it took some learning. But I want to be REAL in my life and my work, I want to produce beautiful work while being my authentic self. So, if you’re on the snapchat train, be my friend! You can find my not-so-polished unfiltered life at “nancy.ray” !

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Thank you so, so much for sharing your thoughts on Snapchat with us, Nancy! As a college student, everyone was shocked when they found out I wasn’t on Snapchat. Last year I joined the bandwagon and it didn’t bring freedom but a bucketload of comparison instead. I downloaded it again last night & find myself running to it for comfort and affirmation–red flag number one! I’m still holding out because the Lord’s made it clear it won’t help me hear His voice more by being distracted by the app, but if I ever need a good reason why I know your words will be kept safely in my heart. I’m always excited when a new post of yours pops up in my feed because your words reflect value, intention, and honesty every time.

I was absolutely hesitant about SnapChat at first but more and more I’m loving it and finding myself enjoying getting to know the people & lives behind the squares! :)

Loved this post and I also love “The Snap” as me & my friends call it. It’s unfiltered and I can share my daily Stylist shopping excursions and also be silly with the filters as a stress reliever. It brightens my mornings when I check in with what my NYC friends did the previous night. Oh and I can be inspired by DJ Khaled! Bless up! (You must follow him if only for a new days!).

The biggest thank you!! Thank you for breaking the fine art photographer mold! I think you are one of the most memorable photographers because of it! It’s so relatable, real and makes me feel like a normal person! 😉 You’re doing awesome!

“I’m called to blaze a new trail – not to fit in with the rest.” – This almost brought tears to my eyes! Yes!! I’ve been feeling this BIG TIME lately! I have put WAY too much of my energy into trying to fit in and worrying about what people think of me. When I really think about blazing my own trail, I get so pumped up and excited! Thanks for the little reminder! I’ll see you over on Snapchat – I’ll be the one who has NO idea what I”m doing haha!

I’ve been slow to the Snap Char train as well. But serving in student ministry with Stephen, we’ve learned it’s where the kids are. That is their primary source/choice when it comes to social media. And they’re doing it for the number one reason you mentioned. They save Instagram for the polished, perfect pictures while Snap Chat is where they post their random silliness. We’ve loved watching their personalities shine. I’m sure they think we’re old foggies, but at least they know we care and are watching/listening. I’ve loved following you! Keep posting! Milly is just the most precious!! ?

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