I take a lot of portraits. Candid portraits, even, that are a little more photojournalistic. But. There’s something that I love so much about straight up documentary-style photography. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s unplanned. I’ve loved it since I studied it in college, and now that I can apply it to the portraiture side of photography? Dream come true. Especially when it’s with a family like the Thomas’s.

With Lauren, Vaughn, and Finn, real life is nap time, dinner prep, bath time, playing in the floor time, bedtime reading routines, hanging out, drinking coffee. No, nothing life-changing in terms of agenda, but, I know if you ask Lauren, these are the tiniest little moments that she wants to capture and remember forever.

Some fun things you should know about this session:

1. Lauren and I have known each other since middle school, so I actually felt like I was just chillin’ at my friend’s house with my camera. Major win.

2. Lauren is an amazing film photographer herself (check out her work here!), so it was so great to have her on the same page with me about the schedule of events revolving around light. And it’s not every day you get to talk shop with your clients! Fun stuff.

3. This entire 6-hour session was captured for the purpose of preserving these memories – Lauren, Vaughn, and baby Finn in their Raleigh home – before they moved a few weeks ago to Winston Salem. That’s why you see boxes. Vaughn took a job in Winston Salem several months ago, so he and Lauren have been living life in two different cities during the week since then. That’s hard stuff, y’all. Despite the sadness of leaving a familiar place, despite the stress of moving and packing and contracts, the overwhelming truth I gleaned on that day was that Lauren just wanted to be where Vaughn was, and she was so optimistic and eager to establish life with him in Winston Salem. It’s so clear and beautiful that her home is with him, and his is with her.

4. No, it’s not required that you feed your photographer dinner at these sessions, but Vaughn grilled some bangarang burgers and they graciously fed me dinner while we watched the show the Lauren and I have been referencing together since 7th grade: Friends. (She and I are 100% on the same level with our abilities to reference Friends probably 9 or 10 times a day, every day.)

The Thomas’s may have moved, but I know they haven’t gone too far. I’m so grateful for the friend we have in Lauren, and I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to capture such sweet moments in her life.

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

























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You captured amazing images of this beautiful family. I love to see photographers who purpose to capture real life moments for their clients. You are very talented. Incredible images!

Elizabeth! You’re the best!! Thank you for your sweet words – we will cherish these photos in our first home forever! And I love that Friends had to be a part of this blog post – obviously! 😉

We are so glad you are here!

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