This one goes out to the dads.

You are the ones who…

stayed by our side all day
stayed by our side all night
cut the chord
cried when the tiniest person was cradled in your strong arms
encourage us mamas when we were (are) exhausted
change the middle of the night diapers
do bath time in the most fun ways (with the best voices!)
throw the best impromptu dance parties
can show your silliest side, even with a full beard
bring strength and stability to the home
give the best high fives
instill a sense of adventure in children
teach the importance of taking risks
teach the importance of safety
discipline and correct
encourage a strong work ethic
speak life in the darkest of moments
lead in a way only dads can

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.
Day and Night, you hold our families together.

Shout out to our friend Chris Wheaton, Dad extraordinaire pictured above, who never left his wife’s side all day and night until his son arrived.

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