Will and I, being photographers, don’t get our photos taken very often often.  Very rarely, actually.  Many of you might be thinking, “That’s crazy! Sure you do!” but I think for all you photographers out there who read my blog, you can relate. It’s so easy to take photos of other couples in love, other families, other people, but it’s actually a challenge to pick up your camera and document your own life.

That’s why I was absolutely thrilled when the Schultzes agreed to do a session swap with us! First of all, let me just say I was so nervous. They are really really incredible photographers.  Geoff and Cheyenne are some dear friends of ours out of the Charlotte area, but even more than that, they are photographers that we look up to immensely.  There is only a handful of photographers blogs that I look at regularly to gain inspiration and motivation, and theirs is one of them.  I think theirs might be 1 of 2 photography blogs that Will checks regularly :]. They are young entrepreneurs, Geoff is on staff at their church, and they adore one another. I think we instantly hit it off with them because there are so many similarities between us.  We had so much fun this afternoon, despite the crazy heat and the relentless ticks! However, I think the photos were worth it.

Geoff and Cheyenne – I hope you enjoy some photos just for you :]

Love this next one! It’s very them. It’s not always the case that I fall in love with a photo that’s slightly out of focus, but I adore it…

Thanks for the sessions swap you guys! We are so thankful you are our friends.

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Love these images. Cheyenne has the best freckles ever. Such a beautiful couple. Its so fun to see photographers on the other side of the camera. We should all do it more often. :) Great job!

Lauren Kaczmarski

These are gorgeous! I want to put one up in our house to remind us of our love for sweet Geoff and Cheyenne.

Beautiful pictures of two beautiful people, inside and out. Love it!

I LOVE their love. Just amazing photos.

Great shoot! Wish I could have been a fly on the camera at these photo shoot swaps!

Love it, y’all! Enjoyed looking at both sessions from the ‘swap’. Such incredible work. :)

wow, really, really beautiful…beautiful captures and editing. they are such a cute couple.

YOU GUYS! love them!!!! can’t WAIT to get some of these up in our home. love you to pieces. thank you so very much for this special gift. xoxo.

YAY!!! Love them so much you guys – we had a blast getting to hang out an swap sessions… hope it isn’t too long before we get to see you both again.

ohhh, that last photo is bliss!

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