I hope one day my family will be half as cute as this family is. I mean seriously – these pictures just make me happy! The colors, the decorations, the love, the warmth, the home, the smiles, the hugs… everything. Aaron and Jen are amazing parents, who love their kids dearly. It’s evident in the little things : the playfulness, the affection, the boundaries they set, the love they give, the brownies they promise :].  And no doubt their kiddos love them right back!

Love this next one of Hudson & Eden! Hudson’s face cracks me up :

Right when you enter their home, the first thing you see is a giant picture wall.  Nothing makes a photographer happier than seeing a beautiful photo wall with your photos displayed! I spotted a few from our last session, when Jen was still pregnant with little Hudson.  Seriously, nothing makes me happier.

Below : Real life.  Love it.

Thank you Quirk family, for allowing me to capture your beautiful family as you grow.  Please tell Eden that “Fancy” says hello! xo

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Thanks everyone for the kind words! Amy – it is all natural window light. No flash was used during the session.

Nancy, is that all window light in the couch photos or did you use flash? An aspiring photographer asking… thanks! The photos are beautiful!

so sweet! that picture wall is AMAZING!

…just showed these to eden and she said, “we’re taking pictures with fancy!”

Love these Nancy :) Eden didn’t know “fancy nancy” when we took these pictures…that’s just what she chose to call her! Hilarious :)

I assume “Fancy Nancy”! We are big fans of her in our house. :) Love these photos!

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