This past September, the Nancy Ray Photography team had an adventure day. We drove to Lake Gaston, took photos in the pretty morning light, had fun tubing and skiing on the water, had lunch on the lake, discussed The Advantage, and just enjoyed being together. Of course we had to leave early in the morning in order to arrive at the perfect time to take some team photos! The husbands had to come along and join in on the fun and the photoshoot, and I have to give credit to Jamie (Callie’s husband) for taking the team photos! (I see some potential!)

I seriously love this team. And guess what? We’re growing! We’ve recently hired another Associate Photographer, and I cannot wait to introduce her to you. We are also in the process of hiring an Intern for this Spring and Fall, and we will be adding a tiny sidekick to the team in May as well! Our studio is busting at the seams and it makes me so grateful.

I get so many questions about how I have such an amazing team. Photographer email me all the time, asking how I’m blessed to have such amazing people on my team. The short answer is that I pray, and I’m very thorough when I hire! But the long answer will be coming in the Nancy Ray News on March 1st: the inside scoop on our hiring process. Be sure to sign up if you want to learn all about our it, and how it really affects the quality and unity of our team!


Callie, Nancy and Elizabeth
Lead Photographers at Nancy Ray Photography



Nancy Ray
Owner + Wedding Photographer
Photographs weddings on Saturdays, photographs sessions in the mornings or evenings, photographs editorials, works at her NRP home studio Mondays – Thursdays, emails, edits, manages the NRP team, organizes image workflow, creates Spotify playlists and contributes to the Nancy Ray News, loves running, blogging, reading, and date nights with Will
Husband : Will, married 6 Years
Pets: Winston the Great Dane
Kids: One on the way! Due May 27th
3 Fun Facts about Nancy:
1. I’ve never taken a PE class in my life! (And miraculously I’ve finished 2 half marathons!)
2. Will and I used to perform in musical theater plays together in High School. (Oklahoma, The Wiz, The Sound of Music…)
3. I sing, play the piano, and I’m learning to play the guitar



Will Ray
Owner + 2nd Shooter + CFO

Photographs weddings on Saturdays alongside Nancy or Callie, manages the bookkeeping and finances of Nancy Ray Photography, our in-studio IT guy, leads NRP team meetings, manages client systems and bookings, contributes to the blog and the Nancy Ray News, keeps Nancy grounded, loves reading, blogging, golfing, watching UFC, and really loves pizza nights at home with Nancy
Wife: Nancy, married 6 years
Pets: Winston the Great Dane
Kids: One on the way
3 Fun Facts about Will:
1. I have an unusual taste in sports: I love soccer and UFC (as opposed to more traditional football, basketball, etc.)
2. I like to read. I’m currently reading multiple books on pregnancy and children.
3. I work listening to all types of music, from classical to hip-hop



Callie Davis
Wedding Photographer + Studio Manager
Photographs weddings on Saturdays, photographs sessions in mornings or evenings, works alongside Nancy in the NRP Studio Tuesdays – Thursdays, emails, edits, keeps communication rolling with clients and vendors, drops off all deliveries at the UPS store and is friends with the staff, contributes to the blog and the Nancy Ray News, loves Young Life, Organization, her Simplified Planner, and blogging at Calle Me Callie
Husband: Jamie, married 9 months
Pets: Bokeh the Silver Lab
Kids: None yet
3 Fun Facts about Callie & Jamie:
1. Jamie and I did not say “I love you” until we were engaged
2. We love blasting our favorite music at home and breaking out into spontaneous dance parties
3. Shark Tank, The Blacklist and Fixer Upper are some of our favorite shows to watch together




Elizabeth Tate
Family + Newborn Photographer + 2nd Shooter
Photographs couples, families, maternity sessions, births, and newborns; especially loves the smell of a newborn baby, 2nd shoots for Callie and Nancy occasionally, attends weekly NRP meetings and usually makes everyone laugh, emails and corresponds with all clients, contributes to the blog and the Nancy Ray News, loves steak and potatoes, traveling with Robert, snuggling her kitties, and admiring sports cars.
Husband: Robert
Pets: Noodle and Kiwi, our cats
Kids: None yet
3 Fun Facts about Elizabeth and Robert
1. Robert and I actually met in 1997 when our families went to church together while our dads were in seminary. We were in musicals, Sunday school classes, and youth group together, but boys had cooties back then so I wasn’t interested in him (or any boy) in the slightest! The Tates moved back to Alabama during the awkward middle school years, and I didn’t see him again until after my freshman year of college when he traveled up for his brother’s wedding. He got off the plane, I did a double take, and that was that!
2. Robert and I share an intense love for food. We love to cook together and do that as often as we can because it makes normal week nights feel like date nights with the quality time we spend in the kitchen. When we sit down to dinner, I actually have this issue where I stare at him when he first starts eating because I love to watch him get excited when it’s tasty. Most of the time I don’t know I’m doing it and it totally creeps him out. I’m working on doing that less so he can eat in peace.
3. We love going to bed early and we are extremely weird sleepers. I cry in my sleep a whole lot, and he talks in his sleep a whole lot. There is no connection between his talking and my crying, fortunately.
4. Fun fact #4 added by Nancy: Elizabeth and I were roomies together in college!



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Nancy, I always love your style. I know you and your husband have been on a strict budget for the past few years. How do you manage to purchase such flattering clothes while sticking to a monthly budget? Would you mind doing a post about some of your favorite brands/stores and how those of us trying to live debt free can look good while doing it?

Thank you so much, Annie

I love getting these little glimpses into your personal lives! Thanks for sharing with us readers. Elizabeth staring at her husband eating is hysterical. :) :)

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