The last time I saw Chesson and Amanda was, I’m pretty sure, around the time of my high school graduation. Back when they were still “Chesson” and “Amanda”,  and not “the Hadley family”. Of course, I was privy to their major life events through mutual friends and social media, but had never seen them together. Needless to say, when they reached out to me to book a family session, I was excited to see them, catch up, and catch a glimpse of what the Lord has done in their lives over the past several years.

See, we all went to school together. Actually Chesson and I were in the same class every year from 5th grade on to high school graduation. We were 5th grade ACSI Spelling Bee champs (it was kind of a big deal). Amanda was a year older, but she and I played basketball together every year. This means we spent every afternoon from 3:30-5:30 practicing. I don’t think either one of us was truly invested in the way that some of the other girls were, but we still had a good time. Except when we were running suicides or 500’s, which was a lot.

Point is, sessions like this literally cause me to stop in my ‘full steam ahead’ tracks of mind, and just for a minute, think back to see how the Lord has paved the way over the years to lead us right where we are in a way that’s way better than we could ever plan. Somewhere along the line, after we all graduated and went off to college, Chesson and Amanda starting dating. Soon, they were married. Not long after that, they had an adorable little boy who looks 100% like Amanda and 100% like Chesson, both at the same time. His name is Hughes, he is adorable, and he just celebrated his first birthday!

It was refreshing to see how, though their lives have changed significantly over the years, they are still the same people. Watching Chesson as a husband, a dad, and even as a professional golfer, I see the same goofball now that I did 15 years ago. And while I don’t see that Amanda is playing much basketball lately, I can see her laid back demeanor come through as she goes with the flow of being a wife and a mom on the go, as well as Chesson’s biggest supporter in his career. They have a beautiful life together, a gorgeous family, and quite a future ahead of them. Chesson and Amanda – it was so great to see you guys and catch up for a bit. Thank you for letting me photograph your sweet family as it is right now!

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These are wonderful! Amazing job, Elizabeth!! And congrats on a gorgeous family, Amanda & Chesson!

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