The NRP Family Experience

If anything says “legacy,” it’s family. We all know that life is fleeting, and the precious moments spent with our loved ones passes all to quickly. That is the gift of family photography – for a moment, we can freeze time. This season of your life can be captured just as it is. And while you may not be able to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet running through your house 10 years from now, you’ll have photographs to treasure and bring back those memories in a moment.

Hi, I'm Jen!


I’m the NRP family photographer and I have a confession: photos literally cover the walls of my home. I adore family photography because I have a sweet little family of my own: Eden is 9, Hudson is 7, and Asher is 5.

Nothing would make me more grateful than the opportunity to capture your family, whether you’re expecting your first baby, your kids are missing teeth, or you haven’t had photos in years. I can’t wait to discover and capture exactly who you are in this exact season of your life!

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We believe in family legacies in the form of artwork, hanging on the walls of your home. We want you to look at those framed images and be reminded of the legacy that is being created within your walls every single day. Truly… nothing compares to the look of film! We photograph primarily in film because of the rich tones, beautiful colors, and timeless feeling it offers. Film has an aesthetic that cannot be replicated.  In short, your legacy comes alive through film photography!

Hannah, Mom of 2

Working with Jen for some family photos was a delight! She acknowledged beforehand that it's always a tad stressful, but also always worth it. To say it was worth it and then some would be an understatement. Working with my toddlers I am still in awe that she left here with the photos that came back to me, but she did and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

What are Jen’s prices?

A family session with Jen is $500.
A maternity or newborn session with Jen is $600 each, but if you book both then you receive $100 off.
Birth Photography with Jen is $900.
Mini Sessions are $200.

Are the digital negatives included?

All sessions include an online gallery and the digital negatives with the rights to print, ready for you to download and enjoy as soon as you receive your full gallery.

Do you charge for travel? How much will it cost to have you shoot my session in _____?

We do charge for travel outside of the Raleigh/Durham area. We’d be happy to provide you a travel quote that would cover our travel expenses including fuel, food, travel time, and lodging (if necessary).

When can I expect to receive my images?

We are a film studio, which means that after your session we have to send off the film rolls to our development lab in Alabama. We do not have access to these images until they have been developed and sent back to us, which usually takes up to 3 weeks. Although we shoot in both film and digital, we do not edit the digital images separate from the film images. We have a strategic plan that works very well when it is not interrupted. You can plan to receive your images 4-6 weeks after your session!

Are all the images I receive “retouched?”

All of the images we provide to you will be color-corrected and adjusted for exposure, where necessary. Many don’t need any retouching, thanks to film! We do not do heavy Photoshop work because we think authentic is beautiful, but we will use it where necessary. After viewing your images, if you’d like any adjustments made we’re happy to accommodate any request for further editing at $20 per image.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my images?

All of our editing is done in studio by our studio administrator. If you have questions or need anything pertaining to your photos before or after your consultation, please email the Studio at:

Can I get my images early?

We do not make any exceptions for rush orders or the rearranging of our workflow as it pertains to releasing the images. Our aim is to serve all of our clients fairly and to the best of our ability, and many of these requests prohibit that as they add up and complicate our workflow. As much as we wish we could give your your images immediately, it does take time, and we appreciate your patience!

How often do you host Mini Sessions?

We host one mini session day in the spring (usually around Mother’s Day), and 2 days in the fall (usually in October). The best way to be notified about dates is to check the blog regularly or to sign up for our newsletter! We always announce it there first.

How many images do I get with my mini sessions?

Mini Sessions include 10 high res images for you to download and enjoy, included in your session. You will have the opportunity to see the full gallery (usually about 30 images) and choose your favorite ones for downloading!

What about Mini Sessions image delivery? How quickly do I get my images?

We deliver mini session galleries 4 weeks after the date they are taken. However, we are still a film studio, and we take film images during the mini sessions too! The images usually do take the full 4 weeks to be processed, however, one benefit of mini sessions is that they are pushed to priority in our editing studio!

Can I reschedule my Mini Session?

Unfortunately, no. All mini sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable due to the limited availability and high demand on our mini session dates. That means we are unable to refund your session if you can’t make it, and we cannot postpone your to the next mini session. We do not offer stand alone mini sessions on a different date.

How long does a mini session last?

Mini Sessions last 15-20 minutes. They sell out every year because they are a wonderful, brief way to get husbands and young kids on board for a very short amount of time! With an efficient timeline (and timely families!), it's amazing what can be captured in just 15 minutes.

How do I choose a location for our session?

You should choose location in a spot that reflects who you are as a family. We always recommend outdoors, since natural light is always the best for film photography. Ask yourself, “What do we enjoy as a family? What is our style? Do we like quaint towns and architecture, or fields surrounded with nature?” Try to come up with a place on your own. We also love doing sessions in your home! If you are completely lost, we can recommend a few different options for your session.

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