This is one of the most unique sessions I’ve ever done, and because of that, it’s one of my favorite sessions! First things first, Ted and Emily are dear friends of ours, which always makes for a relaxed and fun session. Ted and Emily both are on staff at our church alongside my husband, Will. So the three of them get to spend lots of time together each week, and Will even shares an office with Ted. They’ve been our dear friends for years now, and we love to laugh with them, play Catan with them, and watch Downton Abbey with them. (Ok maybe that’s just me and Emily!) I was a bridesmaid in their wedding, and it’s been such a joy to watch their marriage strengthen and grow the past 3 years.

So yes – their  anniversary was the reason for this session! Notice the leather jackets? That was their sweet leather gift to one another to celebrate their 3rd year together. I love how they made that such an important part of their session, symbolizing this season of life for them.


The location couldn’t have been lovelier. Each November, the entire church staff is invited away to a retreat for planning and dreaming together at a beautiful mountain cabin, and we decided that it would be the perfect time and location to do their session. Rolling hills, horses, fields, a lake… it was ideal.


Ok, let’s talk about the crazy weather for just a minute. We woke up for an early morning session, to an ocean of fog surrounding us. A lot of couples would be very discouraged by this, but because Ted and Emily are both artists, they were all for it! (Ted constructs custom furniture and can build just about anything; Emily is incredibly crafty – always making something! Bracelets, ornaments, frames, scrapbooks, decorations… you name it.) I was thrilled because I knew it would be such a different “look,” and they were totally up for it. They were troopers – we had stayed up late playing Catan, so we were all quite sleepy. Pretty sure we all drank twice as much coffee as normal that day.


Because of the crazy weather, and because we were going to be there for a few days, we were able to break up their session into two parts, which is not an opportunity I usually get. So we decided to do 30 minutes in the morning fog, and 30 minutes in the evening sun. It was beautiful, and I felt completely comfortable just spending time with our friends. Yep, one of my favorite sessions ever.


Ted and Em, we love y’all. So grateful to have captured this season of your lives! We are so grateful for you!

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these are SO beautiful nancy! I just love the fog!

So lovely! Thanks for sharing!

really pretty, you guys. love these.

Thank you so much for your excellent work, Nancy! We were blessed to be able to spend this time with you! These pictures are timeless + we will cherish them forever! And thank you for the beautiful post! We love you!! Ted + Em

Gorgeous session, Nancy!!

Absolutely STUNNING. I love the light and colors! Beautiful, Nancy! xo

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