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Even though Elizabeth is part of the NRP team, she’s like family to me. We’ve known each other since high school, we roomed together in college, and she is a gem of a human being. Truly.

Can I just pause and say how much I love that first image? Oh my heart. I feel like there’s something redemptive about it. The Tates had to say goodbye to Moose much too soon, and it happened to be the same week that Elizabeth’s Dad had open heart surgery. It was a hard, hard week. Thankfully, Dad is recovering great, and now they have sweet Dozer (the pup pictured above) in their lives. And goodness does Dozer bring some hilarious joy to all of us!

Dozer is a little spitfire! He reminds me of Winston when he was a pup: unafraid of anything or anyone. Ready to conquer the world with his floppy ears and clumsy feet. Runs runs runs until he straight up falls asleep. Doze, you’re the best.

Life is too short NOT to capture puppy life, which is exactly why we had to do this little mini shoot! We also are using some of these images in our new NRP promo film, and we decided to make a swap out of it, so stay tuned for our mini session tomorrow.







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