Oh y’all. These people are my people. Molly the beautiful mama in these photos is my cousin, but not justttt my cousin, she is like a sister to me and one of my very best friends. She has walked through every, and I mean EVERY season of life with me, brought me to know the Lord (that story is really very funny, if you ever see me, feel free to ask), stood by me as I married Andrew and has continued to pray along side us as we encounter each new phase of life. She is so beautiful, but also so strong. She is a get stuff done-champion-encourager-funny, mama, wife and best friend. I am so, so grateful for her and her life.

Along with Molly comes a hilarious husband, who compliments her so well. He always has me cracking up and carries himself in such a calm way. Plus they have the cutest little gals. I mean, come on with the cuteness! Sweet Sadie is all words. The minute she sees someone new, she begins one long run-on sentence rarely taking a break to breathe. Her little high pitched voice might be one of my favorite sounds and I love the spunk she has brought to our family. Chunky little Finley is quite the opposite and moves in such a calm and relaxed way. She is so laid back and just allows Sadie to take the stage. Her sweet little smile in these pictures are enough to melt your heart.

I love this little family and these people so much. It was so fun to capture this season of their life and even more fun to get to be a part of it.

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab












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