Southern Weddings Magazine has a very special place in our hearts, especially mine since my wedding was featured in Volume 7. This volume was also pretty special to our team because Nancy, Olivia, and I all contributed to the magazine in different ways! It’s not very often that we all get to participate in something together and we are incredibly honored to have been included in this issue!

Love Preserved Editorial
Read more about Nancy’s inspiration behind this shoot here and see the behind the scenes by Olivia here!
Photographer: Nancy Ray


Capturing Newlywed Life
“You’ll never forget your first few years of marriage. From eating pizza on the floor of your new apartment, surrounded by boxes, to mailing your very first Christmas cards, to digging into your wedding cake on your anniversary, there are so many unique experiences and “firsts” that a newlywed couple goes through…”
Callie Davis was interviewed and some of her instagram images were included in this fun article


Dapper Gents
“While being a gentleman is about much more than learning to tie a bowtie or memorizing the finer print of etiquette, dapper dressing is a useful skill to master for any beau, especially when it comes to his wedding. Pick and choose from our sartorial inspirations to find a look that’s just right for his big day.”
Bowtie image – bottom right on the left page from Molly and Nate’s Wedding
Photographer: Olivia Wolf


Bless Your Heart – A Note From Lara Casey, Editor in Chief
“In this issue, and in all that we share daily, we hope to encourage you to cultivate what lasts longer than you – and what lasts far longer than just one wonderful day.”
Photographer: Elizabeth Tate

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Seeing your images in Southern Weddings was a treat! You all did a beautiful job capturing these sweet moments.

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