Today is quite the exciting day! If you haven’t heard, Southern Weddings Magazine is launching their brand new, beautiful, 5th Anniversary Issue (also known as “V5”) and it’s hitting the stands TODAY. In honor of this very exciting day, I’m going to be giving away 3 (yes 3!) sets of Southern Weddings Magazine… which will include V4 AND V5!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below sharing your top 3 favorite things about the South.

Winner will be announced Tuesday, November 20th

I am honored to have images featured in this jaw-dropping issue, and I cannot wait to spend time pouring over every page. What I love is their philosophy: of course they love beautiful weddings, but more than that, they love beautiful marriages. Love never fails.

So be sure to enter this giveaway, or get out there and purchase your copy on the shelves, or purchase one for yourself by clicking here! (I always like to purchase it directly from the Southern Weddings Online store, mainly because they include a hand-written note with every copy. Talk about Southern hospitality!)

Congratulations to my dear friends over at Southern Weddings. Lara, Emily, Nicole, Marissa, and Kristin… I am so proud of each of you! 


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1. Waitresses who are patient with my need to know their favorite items on the menu before I order
2. Hearing strangers call me “sweetie” or “honey”
3. BBQ!

1. Southern Accents
2. “Yes ma’m” and “Yes, sir”
3. Hospitality

1) summer nights on the back porch watching the lightening bugs turn the backyard in to a magical forest
2) peeling green beans for dinner with my grandmother (I call her Mamaw)
3) the drive-in movie theatre that I used to go to with my family every weekend. Afterwards my parents would let my sister and I sleep in the back of the minivan on the way home!

nowhere enjoys simple pleasures like the south

1. The amazing accents! Though hard to understand in certain parts of NC, I do love southern accents.

2. The rich history. Love the deep roots, and generations of families here.

3. The weather doesn’t hurt either! I love the warmth and the snow, which we rarely see it!

Thanks, Nancy!

1) Sweet Tea
2) Old houses
3) Hospitality & Manners

Yeehaw! Xx

These are my favorite things about the SOUTH….
1) WARM WEATHER– born and raised a “Yankee”, it is refreshing to have longer stretches of warm weather and less of the cold stuff!!
2) Accents- When I started to make friends down here, I fell in love with the accents. One of my first memories of spending time with my finance was the way he would pronounce certain words. We would laugh for hours- because he would have trouble understanding me and I would have difficulty understand him!
3)Shagging– I STILL need to properly learn how to shag before my wedding. I love how everyone gets up on the dance floor when some Beach Music tunes start to play. It brings everyone together, young and old– even if you aren’t quite doing it right! :)

I’ve visited the South for the first time in my life this year, and two times! My top 3:

1. The Southern Accent
2. Sweet Tea
3. The food. It’s everywhere (and big portions, which is different than the small portions of the North)!

Thanks Nancy!!

My favorite things about the south (specifically my southern small hometown) are:
1. that no matter where I go, I always know someone
2. SUNDROP – need there be another reason??
3. the accents – no matter what state I go to, there is no question that I will get asked where I am from because of my southern twang

My top thing has GOT to be (1) Sweet Tea. A close runner-up is (2) Southern charm infused into decorations, clothing, and FOOD and finally, but most definitely not last (3) Thank the Lord for Chik Fil A.

My top 3…
1. The Southern “twang'”
2. The Southern food
3. The Southern charm

1. Southern Accents
2. The kindness found in the people
3. The warmth :)

the 3 things i love most about the south is…
1. our accent!
2. the fact that its not weird to say hi to strangers
3. how family seems to out-weigh everything!

1. Southern hospitality and manners. One of my favorite things about Chapel Hill is that everyone says thank you to the bus drivers!
2. Monograms – on everything!
3. History and traditions

1. Sweet Tea
2. South Carolina peaches
3. College Football – specifically, Georgia Football! (Go Dawgs!!!)
Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

1. Southern literature
2. Sipping sweet tea on my front porch
3. Cowboy boots, any time of the year

1. Hospitality
2. Southern Accents
3. Bojangles!

1. barefeet in summer.
2. spanish moss.
3. front porches.

My top three favorite things about the south:

1. The use of Ya’ll
2. The bow ties (mmm the BOW TIES!)
3. The love of college football!!

1. small towns
2. chick-fila, Bojangles, BBQ (food 😉 )
3. southern traditions/big families

1. Southern hospitality
2. Southern cooking
3. Southern weather! :)

1. Churches on every corner
2. Boot Scootin’
3. Passing on family names to our sweet children

1. humid summer nights
2. never having to buy true “winter clothes”
3. having the beach so close!!!

1. My family & my small SC hometown. I couldn’t be more thankful for both of them helping to me into who I am now.
2. Southern Hospitality. The generosity and welcoming spirit of Southern people is something I haven’t encountered anywhere else in the U.S.
3. The oh-so-unhealthy, but lick-your-fingers-it’s-so-delicious food! I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving next week!

1. Sweet Tea – nearly everyone agrees, need I say more?
2. Sweet manners – friendliness and sharing delish food = southern hospitality!
3. Sweet views – from the coast to the mountains, there is beauty all around.

1. Family
2. Home cooking
3. Texas A&M

1. My darling husband.
2. Fried chicken.
3. Gentility.

1. Hospitality- I’m a native to England, but will marry into a huge Southern family in about a month. I have learned so much from the loving women of my fiance’s family and have felt at home from the very beginning thanks to their love!
2. Yall. Everyone feels loved when they are a part of “yall”
3. Southern Style- In houses? Yep. Clothes? Yep. Doesn’t get much better!

1. Southern Hospitality- people are friendly and will hold the door for the next person, manners.
2. Sweet Tea
3. BBQ

My top favorites of the south are (in no particular order):

1. The weather! I love how it keeps me on my toes but is always lovely.
2. They style. Hello Lilly Pulitzer, pearl earrings and monogrammed everything!
3. Summer. Summer in North Carolina is such an exciting time and brings such joy to my heart. Everything about it speaks sunny beaches and fellowship over ice cream with dear friends.

Congratulations on being in V5!

1. Sweet Tea
2. BBQ
3. Southern hospitality
I love being a southern girl.

I love visiting the south because of…
1. Southern Accents
2. Sweet Tea
3. Warm, beautiful weather!

1. Southern gentlemen.
2. Mason jars.
3. Southern Hospitality.

My top three favorite things are:

1. Southern Hospitality
2. Sweet Tea
3. BBQ – Specifically The Woodlands in Blowing Rock NC

There are so many things to love about the South! My top 3 favorites are the people, everyone is so nice in the South, the BBQ, and all the country radio stations!

1. warm weather! minimal snow. grew up in chicago so i love the limited snow here.
2. close distance to beach, mountains, and big cities
3. mason jars everywhere

1. Sweet tea… that was easy!
2. Southern accents… gotta love them!
3. The sweet charm and friendliness of everyone and every shop!
Thanks Nancy!

the FOOD, the accents, and of course, the weather!

Oh this is hard. I love the south…
1- Mason Jars
2- Fooooooooooooooooooood!
3- Does BBQ count even if I said food already?
3- Ok-ok, take 2: Plantations. I’m obsessed with them. I want one!

Did I mention today is my birthday? Yes, I am trying to win a copy LOL

1. The constant smiles and friendly “hellos!”
2. BBQ!!!
3. The focus on family and friendship

My top 3 favorite things about the south:
1. The country accents. I came down to NC from the north and have picked up a southern drawl myself. :)
2. Sweet tea that flows like water.
3. Hospitality. I never felt comfortable to just go over to someone’s house unannounced and make myself at home until I came down to the south. Almost everyone I’ve met has an open door policy!

My top three things about the South:
1) Southern Gentlemen. I don’t think I can marry anyone born above the Mason-Dixon line.
2) Thank you notes. Nothing makes you feel more appreciated.
3) Football game days in the South! No t-shirts for the SEC (or ACC, mostly!).

Thank you so much for the support, friend! So glad to have you as a part of this issue!!

1-sweet tea
2-soul food
3-southern gentlemen

I don’t live in the South, but SO wish I did. Top three:
1. Southern hospitality, cliche, I know, but everyone is so genuinely nice.
2. Boots! I love that it is perfectly acceptable to wear them any time of year.
3. College football…I just love this season of falling leaves and fight songs.
Extra credit: Amazingly talented ladies. I had the pleasure of meeting Lara in Chicago a month ago and love her to death!

1. Southern accents.
2. Hospitality.
3. Southern “classiness” that you just don’t find elsewhere. :)
Excited about this giveaway!

1. “Yes, ma’am” and “Yes, sir.”
2. Four distinct and beautiful seasons.
3. Sweet tea.
Honorable mention: Guys in pickup trucks.

1. My home: Charleston, South Carolina
2. That it stays warm longer!
3. Charming DIY style

My top three favorite things about the South are: 1) My Family! 2) The prevalence of Dr. Pepper AND Diet Dr. Pepper 3) How stylish and put together the ladies are.

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