One of my goals as a photographer this year is to re-learn how to shoot in film. I took several classes in college in shooting black and white film, but it’s new territory learning about shooting in color. (Especially shooting weddings in color!) I’m excited to be shooting some film at each wedding this year, and I have already fallen in love with photography all over again. Just look at these colors! Their skin tones are perfect, and the color vibrant. Swoon.

Here are a few favorites from my first roll of film in 2012… Fujifilm Pro400H taken by my 35mm Canon 1V.

Film photographers – what is your favorite film to use? I’m in the midst of trying many different kinds, and I’m excited to narrow down a favorite!

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Nancy, this was such a fun wedding to DJ. These photos are awesome, and the couple is such a sweet couple!

Thanks for sharing, and such a great job on another shoot!

Oh yes SWOON! They are incredible, Nancy. I love that you’re doing this!

Nancy, where do you get your film converted into digital for blogging, etc? Been looking for someplace (local would be nice!)

Ohh…I love it…you are making me want to give it a try.

Beautiful Beautiful Images! I have also started trying to work more film back into my weddings and have been testing different films. To date all my tests have been with medium format, but I love the new Kodak Portra 400 for color and for B&W am drawn to the look and feel of Idlford delta 3200 for is beautiful grain.

I cannot wait to follow more of your beautiful work!

!!! Nancy! I am so excited you are working with film. I immediately thought of you and your background and school when I saw people were starting to get into film again. Yay!

Beautiful! My favorite film for 35mm is Portra 400 and Fuji 400H. I also love Ilford delta 3200 on medium format.
Keep it up!

These are stunning Nancy! I love the colors too! So soft and beautiful. All these people shooting film again have me itching to get back to my roots too!

Gorgeousness all around. Love the first and the twinkle lights images the most! I plan to venture into this at some point too :)

I love everyone :) thank you Nancy !

Gorgeous, friend! Can’t wait to see where this takes you!

BEAUTIFUL. The colors are stunning! So vibrant and bright and warm– I love it!!

Lovely!!! Right now I am loving Fuji 400H too…. but I’ve heard wonderful things about Portra 800… I’ve tried Portra 400 and didn’t care too much for it….

PS… are you using a video light in that bottom right pic??

Nancy, these are GORGEOUS! The colors are so beautiful. :)

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