Sometimes, my heart just wants to explode when I’m doing a session. It’s usually the case when, A) the indoor light is stunning; B) a sleepy newborn is involved, and/or C) there’s a big family pet present for the photos. All of the above applied in the Duffy’s session. Needless to say, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being over the moon excited, I was a 14.

Lauren and Patrick were so sweet to work with and talk to during the session, and little Shep… my goodness y’all. What a beautiful baby boy. And I’m not really sure if you’ve ever seen a newborn with the hiccups, but it’s adorable. He had the hiccups for the first 20 minutes or so, but once they stopped, he zonked out, and life was good while his momma held him securely in her arms.

Overall? These folks are beautiful on the inside and the out, and are already making such wonderful parents to their little boy. Duffy family – thank you for choosing us to capture this unforgettable and precious season of life!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab










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The portraits of mama + baby are stunning! So lovely, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth! That image of that sweet boy on the blue blanket – I stared at if for like 3 minutes!! So sweet! Great job!

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