I have all the feelings about you, September…

Really happy because even though it’s not really that cool yet, September means I can start wearing boots and scarves way too soon.

Really determined because I’m going to start work life again at my own pace, transitioning from maternity leave and coming out of my “mama bear cave” as I’ve come to call it. Part time this month, full time next.

Really fresh because I have a new closet and a new haircut! That’s enough to keep anyone motivated!

Really excited to plan talks for 2 amazing conferences around the corner (see below)! #nancyrayspeaks

Really nervous because I will be flying and driving and traveling with a 4 month old for 10 days straight. Help me Lord. (Raleigh > Indy > Nashville > Tampa > Raleigh)

And honestly, really nervous about how life is going to look from here on out, balancing life as a wife and a mama and a business owner and a friend and doing it all well. I know I’m about to receive heaps of grace from my husband, my team, my family and myself, as I enter into this juggle for the first time.

September 2015 will go down as a very full month… full of work and baby snuggles and travel and transition and change in the Ray household. (More to come on the hubby’s blog soon.) I told Will, “I feel like this month I’m going to have to put my big girl pants on!” As a Mama, as a wife, as a business owner, as a speaker, a photographer, a blogger… it’s time to do this thing. No shying away from what’s to come – just embracing it all with open hands and an ear always listening to the Holy Spirit.

This past weekend was so good for me. Will and I spent time with some of our dearest friends in the mountains of North Carolina, and one morning before anyone was awake, I sat on the porch swing drinking my coffee, listening to the Lord. He simply told me, “One day at a time.”

Those are MY words for this month. One day at a time. Not looking forward and stressing or worrying… just asking the Lord to help me THIS day. Maybe that’s for you too – just one day at a time. One hour at a time. One minute at a time.

With that in mind, I’m keeping my September Goals simple. I’m choosing to embrace the crazy, the transition, the travel, the change. Let’s do this, September!

September Goals

Read The Blessed Life (One book a month is plenty for me right now!)
Go for a walk/run 3x each week while I’m at home
Speak at The Influence Conference with my girl Gina
Memorize 5 Bible Verses
ENJOY traveling with a little one (Milly’s first flight!)
Complete our talk for Pursuit 31 : Win with Money!

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Hi Nancy – I will be praying for you this month as you transition into this next phase of your life. Remember to give yourself that grace and that things will be a bit fluid as you navigate thru the process of motherhood/wife/friend/business woman :):) You will do fine!!! To quote your dear friend Emily (as I am staring at this right now on my office wall)….Grace not perfection !

I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant – unexpectedly – in March. “One day at a time” has been my mantra ever since! My husband also has a chronic illness, so our lives look a little different than most. It’s amazing how many people have commented that they are impressed with my attitude and how I seem to be handling everything with grace this year. All credit goes to God for giving me this peace and ability to just roll with the punches and take everything one day at a time. :-)

Good luck this month, Nancy!

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