I had the sweetest time walking all over UNC Chapel Hill’s beautiful campus, getting to know these two during their engagement session. First of all, they are both incredibly gifted and smart; Sarah is currently studying at Duke to get her Master of Divinity, and Andrew (many call him Fletch, including myself because I really like that name!) is studying to become an Attorney. Both have 1 year of school remaining, and they are getting married this fall. I am so thrilled for their wedding! It’s the perfect combination of interests – a beautiful ceremony in Duke Chapel, followed by a reception at the Carolina Inn (they both are UNC undergrads). I love it when couples choose places meaningful to them, and that’s certainly the case with Sarah and Fletch.

I admire their sweet spirits, how they speak to one another, how they are one of the most peaceful and happy couple’s I’ve worked with. It was a breath of fresh air to talk with them and get to know them, and I gained much admiration for them as they shared what it was like to be engaged while juggling all their studies. They are so loving and loyal, and it’s obvious they make one another the priority in their lives. Congratulations, Sarah and Fletch! I cannot wait for your big day.

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So sweet! I went to high school with Sarah and love her dearly! Congrats Sarah & Fletch!

I can’t stop looking at these. They are breathtaking and you have captured Sarah and Fletch’s personalities completely. I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

Thank you Nancy!!! These look wonderful!

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