THIS newborn session. Goodness. This one means a lot to me.

Katherine (the mama) and I have known each other for 16 years, maybe even longer. We were best of friends in middle school, we sang in choir together, we preformed in high school plays together, we slept over at one another’s houses, (eating pizza and cookies every time), we prayed for and dreamt about our future husbands together (who knew they were sitting across from us at the cafeteria table in middle school!), we loved and grew in Jesus together. I remember vividly sitting on the bed at her grandmother’s house when we went there for a weekend getaway, studying the Bible and praying for one another when we were just in 9th grade. This friendship is one that will always be so dear to my heart.

And now… she’s a Mama! Not only to 1, but 2 beautiful children! Even though Katherine booked Elizabeth for this newborn session, I couldn’t help but come and tag-team the photography. First of all, I hadn’t met Sadie yet, and secondly, it was a wonderful opportunity for Elizabeth and I to work together on a session, learning from one another and blending our strengths. So, you’ll see a mix of our images in the blogpost today! Then of course the session got even more fun when Will showed up, because he wanted to meet her too.

Thank you, Jackson family, for welcoming not 1, but 3 of us into your home. We love y’all!

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A few words from Elizabeth:

Nancy and I knew Katherine and Mark in high school, and it’s been so cool to see how their family has grown from highschool sweethearts to busy mom and dad of 2 beautiful kids in what feels like no time at all!

Bringing home a newborn isn’t the most restful and rejuvenating thing you’ll ever do (so I’ve heard), but I feel like things *maybe* escalate to a different level when you have another little munchkin at home who’s super curious and a little concerned about the newest addition. Katherine may have mentioned that they felt a little frazzled, but she and Mark were definitely champs! Just 4 days into being parents of 2, they absolutely rocked the session with some teamwork and a very skilled “man-to-man defense”. They so naturally loved on both of their little ones and it seemed a little to me like they’d been doing it for longer than 4 days. Temporarily frazzled or not… there’s lots of joy and love and hugs, kisses, cuddles and tickles in this family!

And Sadie. Just four days old… so adorable. So. Itty. Bitty. She was a little early, so she looked like a doll baby in her mama’s arms!

Mark and Katherine – congratulations on the adorable little addition to your beautiful family!














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