Jill and AJ have a beautiful family, don’t they? And let me tell you- their film photography session at Annie Wilkerson was so much fun. They actually booked 2 mini-sessions, back to back, because Jill advised that she is fully aware of the time and effort it takes to wrangle 4 kids for a picture – which made me laugh out loud.

I loved everything about their session – their outfits, their personalities, how much they were open to rolling with chaos, and even the gray tone of the day after the sun disappeared and the drizzle came. Each of their kids have such unique little personalities, and I love that Jill and AJ allowed them to shine through for the duration of the session with minimal interference. A little grumpiness (Liam’s sweet little grumpy face!), a little humor, and lots of flower retrieving – not to mention plenty of beautiful little smiles – never hurt anyone!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab








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