I must say – I am thrilled to be getting some snow in my life this winter after all! Today I am on a plane to the lovely, snowy New Hampshire where the high will be 33 and the low will be 3. I am speaking at Return to Rest – an intimate gathering of faith-driven, creative, entrepreneurial women. From photographers to stylists to artists, ladies from all over will come together for a few days to encourage one another in the Lord and in an identity securely anchored in Him.


To be honest, I need to hear the words I’m speaking more than anyone. Sometimes, as creative entrepreneurs, we can be really intense with ourselves. We demand more of ourselves than we do of our spouse, our kids, our team members – we can be relentless. I can be relentless, with me. And sooner or later, it takes its toll on my spiritual, mental, and physical health.

The truth is, God calls us to rest.
Weekly, we are to take a Sabbath.
Daily, we are to spend time with Him.
Moment by moment, we are to live in His rest by living in His Holy Spirit.

He calls us to not be productive, to not check something off a list, to not do do do.
Sometimes He calls us to laugh, to sit, to take a deep breath.

I’ll admit – this is hard for me. I find myself quite often making excuses for rest, and why it’s not productive. Or, I spend my “rest” days doing laundry, tackling a home project, dreaming about the week of work ahead of me. I don’t every actually rest. Sit. Waste time and soak in a nap, a book, or take a walk.

I’m ready. I’m ready to share some words that God has given to me, and I’m also ready to listen to them. This year, I want rest and joy to be much more evident than stress and my to-do list!

Follow along with us at @ReturntoRest! And if this sounds like something you would love to be a part of, another retreat will be happening in November, so stay up to date with the Return to Rest site for info to come.

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I hope you have a wonderful time in our snowy state! I helped Ruthie and Kate set up a bit yesterday and Merrymeeting Lake was absolutely beautiful :)

Happy for you! This opportunity seems to connect to several of your 2015 goals – less stress, more joy, cutting off work/time management. I hope it is wonderful, and enjoy that snow for me! :)

We are so glad you are here!

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