I have long searched for an album company that represents my brand well. I wanted each album to feel like, to look like, to be an heirloom. I wanted  to offer my brides linen fabric covers, along with the option for leather. I wanted each album to be personalized, with cameo pictures or writing on the front, with different options for sizing and fonts. And I am so happy to say I have found all of that in more with Redtree Albums.

My brand is based on simplicity, legacy, and quality. I want my brides to feel that when they read my blog, see their images, and feel the products I offer. You’ll see simply by looking at these photos how Redtree albums speak of each! Simplicity in form and design; legacy in their personalization, texture, and feel; quality in their color, binding, and durable pages.

adore these albums. In fact, I want one for myself!  In today’s digital world, we need not lose sight of the importance of such an heirloom!

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Catching up on your blog and came across this post with our wedding pictures! Yay! The album is stunning, Nancy!! I simply will have to save up now and order one for our two year wedding anniversary. :)

I think you just convinced me to try them out!!!

Those are absolutely gorgeous!

I totally agree, Nancy, that an heirloom like this album is such a treasure. I just had some family portraits taken with my sweet 82 year old dad and they will be going into an album. I really hope to get one as nice as this one! I just love how important tradition and simpicity is to you. A gal after my own heart!

Christine Watkins

These are beautiful. I never did get an album ordered after my wedding as it was not part of the package I ordered from my photographer (not you). I would love to have one but it seems most photographers wont touch others work (dont want to go back to them) so I would have to do it myself. Unfortunately, Redtree only takes orders from photographers. Drat and they were so pretty too.

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