Nancy and I did a session swap a few weeks ago, mainly for the NRP promotional video but also because, let’s just be real, it’s fun and why not? We made a night of it… brought the puppy, did the sessions, and then finished up with some fantastic taco soup at their house!

I’m just going to go ahead and say that it’s still kind of surreal to me to see these two with a kid. I’ve known them both for a really long time and actually lived with Nancy in college, so for me, throwing a baby into the mix kind of made (and still makes) my brain explode in such a great way.

For as long as I’ve known them, Nancy and Will have been upbeat and happy people. But, I don’t know about you… I just see a brand new kind of joy oozing from these pictures. In the fun things (like tiny baby kisses) and the hard things (like sleepless nights) they’ve remained joyful. Not just grin-and-bear-it joyful, but overflowing-with-gratitude joyful. No, life with a baby isn’t always laughs, kisses and cuddles. And sure, joy takes a different form during times of struggle, but it’s still easily detectable. I honestly think that it’s a supernatural gift from the Lord, and I’ve loved seeing Nancy and Will grab hold of that while simultaneously proclaiming God’s grace over their family and soaking in every single detail and minute of Milly’s first (almost!) year.

And let that sink in for a minute – Milly is coming up on the big 1. Whoa…

Hooray for session swaps, great friends, Milly’s hair bows and taco soup!

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