After I got the Family Photographer position at NRP and we were talking through some of our first blog posts about me, I realized it had been far too long since my family was in front of the camera. We definitely needed an updated photo, if for nothing else, certain members of our family had majorly changed in the last year (lookin’ at you AJQ). One day in the studio, Nancy casually mentions, “Oh great! We’ll just do a little session swap! You shoot mine and I’ll shoot yours!” So on the outside I’m all, “Oh great! That’s PERFECT!” And on the inside I’m like, “OH MY WORD IM TAKING PICTURES OF NANCY RAY” And yes, in this context I was completely using her first and last name.

We met on a Saturday morning and it was the most beautiful day! Aren’t these trees so amazing? Seeing as they bloom for approximately 3.5 seconds before they change over to leaves, we timed this session perfectly! And honestly, once I got behind the camera, Nancy Ray, just became Nancy, and it was smooth sailing from there! After all the times she’s watched me act like a crazy person to get my kids to laugh, and bribed them with more candy and treats than I care to admit, it sure was fun watching her assume that role! Plus, she’s pretty much the most gracious person I’ve ever met and any anxiety is instantly swept away the second you get around her. I know so many of you can attest to that as well! And let’s just talk about the cuteness factor of their girls! I mean, really. These 2 sisters are adorable and it was the most fun watching them interact with one another. For being so young, they followed instruction like champs. After the session, our families hung out in their driveway: The littles played, (Milly took alllll the cues from the bigger three) and we stood close by and had an actual conversation. We got to finish sentences and everything!  You parents know what I’m talking about!  This session session swap was about so much more than just the images and I’m so glad we got to spend an afternoon together! Love you Ray Family!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab











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[…] remember that time I did a session for Nancy Ray (yes, I used both her first and last name) and had a slight panic attack about it? Well, I can […]

Goodness. Milly girl has grown into a miniature female version of Will! I just can’t handle the preciousness! Those portrait photos of Milly and Lyndon are treasures and remind me to do the same for my two littles.

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