From Elizabeth:

I’m just going to level with you and let you know that I have literally no clue where to begin with this post. How about I’ll just start with how it fills my heart to the brim to see this family grow.

Personally, I’ve never really known Nancy without Will – even when we were college roommates, she and Will were dating. When they got married, it made sense. When they had Milly, it blew my mind to see them go from 2 to 3, but also made perfect sense (seeing them now, it’s hard to imagine them without her). Now that this second little one is on the way? My only thought is just that the Lord is so good.

I wonder if baby Ray number 2 will be a boy or a girl? A little Milly replica, or a spunky little wild child? I can’t wait to see. All I know is that the Lord has entrusted Nancy and Will with building this legacy and molding these little lives for His glory, and what an honor. They glorify the Lord now by parenting in grace, by pointing Milly to Jesus every day. Milly brings Him so much glory just by being who He created her to be, someone who overflows with love and affection towards even the most unsuspecting people.

Speaking of Milly – I don’t know if you’ve had the privilege of spending any amount of time around her, but that girl is truly something special. She’s brilliant with her words already, she’s literally the most love-y, squishy little thing I’ve ever seen, and all she wants to do is crawl up in your lap and bat those little eye lashes and give you a big hug. I die. Every time.

Baby number two is going to fit into this family in a way that no one can expect. Jesus is going to be revealed in a whole new way to Nancy, to Will, to Milly, through this little one. The joys, the challenges, the triumphs that come with having a toddler and a newborn are sure to be refining, but in the sweetest way.

As someone who knows this family very well, nothing makes me more excited than to know that their legacy is growing by two tiny little feet, very soon.

Nancy, Will, Sweet Milly and little Baby Ray number two… good.ness.gracious. I love you guys!

From Nancy:

I can’t believe I’m here again. Carrying a sweet baby, preparing my heart and my home for a new little soul to join us. My heart is so, so full looking at these images. After fighting being a mama for so, so long, all I can say is this:

It is literally God’s goodness and grace to me that He led me down this road.

Being a mother has been an uncovering of my identity. It was like there was part of me, deep inside, that has been hiding or dormant for years, and now it all makes sense. I never dreamed I’d love it this much. Now, I can’t imagine my life any different.

Having Elizabeth capture these images for me is the greatest joy. She is just SO good with kids, and with moms. Even when she captured my newborn session with Milly, I’ll never forget how I was an anxious mess and she was calm and supportive of whatever I needed in that moment.

Elizabeth, thank you for being an incredible friend, photographer, and anchor on the NRP team. You bring something so unique and special that the rest of us don’t have, and I’m so grateful for the ways you have captured my little family’s legacy. Word’s don’t do it justice – these images are treasures. I love you, friend.

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Can you tell me where that dress is from? I’m looking for one similar. It’s beautiful! Thank you in advance!

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Hi Darden! It’s on the greenway in our neighborhood!

Beautiful photos! You good an amazing job capturing these sweet moments.

And yes, where is that dress from? It’s gorgeous!

These are precious!! Also- I NEED THAT DRESS!!!

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