There’s nothing like setting out to achieve a MASSIVE goal for 2016 with 2 weeks left in the year, right?

Well, that’s just what I’m doing.

I’m setting out to raise $30,000 for Dressember: an organization committed to raising awareness and money to free modern day slaves.

I have 18 days!!!

Here’s what you need to know:


I’ve become an advocate for slaves who cannot speak for themselves.
I’m wearing a dress every day in December to raise awareness.
I’m boldly asking anyone in earshot of me to prayerfully consider donating any amount by 12/31/16.

Any amount is welcome! But I’m specifically asking that you pray about 4 following options:

$30 (1000 people and we’d reach the goal)
$300 (100 people and we’d reach the goal)
$3000 (10 people and we’d reach the goal)
The Christmas challenge: Give away as much money as you spend on Christmas this year (like my friend Em).

I would also be so grateful if you shared this with your friends, family, and followers.

My mission these last two weeks of the year is to call people UP in their giving. I think it’s especially perfect that we are in the Christmas season, because it’s a wonderful time to think not of ourselves, but to help those who are suffering. I simply cannot imagine the torment and suffering of life as a sex slave, especially around Christmastime. My prayer is that you would even consider sacrificing part of your budget you’d use for something nice, your own spending money, or maybe even sell something to help this mission.

It costs $6,300 to fund a rescue operation.
My heart behind this project is to FREE FIVE WOMEN.
That’s 31,500.

I truly believe we can do this! I would be so honored if you joined me.

Come back to the blog tomorrow to read a little about my journey to get here!

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I love this Nancy! I will be sure to share!

I love you, Nancy Ray. You and your heart. Donating now.

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