We – as in, every one of us at NRP – love us some Jen. Let me tell you a little something about this lady – Jen is gifted with a God-given intuition, an ability to empathize, and a deep sense of compassion that she has learned to use as tools to serve and to love, and I think that makes the Lord so, so happy. She’s used her gifts to touch us all in one way or another over the past several months as the NRP Intern, and we’re so thankful that she’s part of the NRP family.

It was my dream session – beautiful family, meaningful location, laid back and completely in their element, chaos and all – playing in the sprinklers with these little ones was a blast. I love when I can take a more documentary type approach to sessions to capture life just as it is, without much directing, without much posing. It is, without question, my favorite way to capture life. It’s just real, ya know?

Jen – you are absolutely a gem. We love you, and we absolutely love your family!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab











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You know how much I love these – so even though my comment is crazy redundant I don’t even care! They are just that amazing!! Never been so excited to get images up on our walls! Y’all are THE best.

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