I don’t know what it is about me and babies, but for whatever reason, I am not the kinda of mama who has the nursery planned out and done months before the baby’s arrival. I’m the kind of mama who is scrambling with two weeks left, because I always think I have more time than I do!

With that said, even though the new “kids room” isn’t quite done, even though I still have to finalize this sweet baby’s registry, even though we haven’t painted the bedroom or gotten the carpets cleaned yet, I’ve been preparing my heart. And that’s the most important thing. I’ve been writing in my pregnancy prayer journal, I’ve been memorizing scripture, and I’ve been doing what I call “entrepreneurial nesting” : working like crazy in my business to make sure my team is cared for while I’m gone.

We don’t know the gender of this sweet baby, but there are a few things that I want to do to make Baby Ray #2’s arrival just as special as Milly’s. I found these adorable items on Baby Cubby, and I love how sweet they are!

BabyRay2Prep - Baby Cubby

1. Freshly Picked Moccasins. I never got any with Milly, but I always wanted them! So adorable.
2. A little deer from the new baby to Milly :) We’ll give this to her in the hospital
3. A little boy striped outfit
4. A little girl headband
5. A woodland blanket

Baby Cubby is giving a 15% off discount code for my readers if you use the code nancyrayphotography15! You just have to use it by the 24th of July!

Here’s to making time for what matters most these next few weeks (while also doing some REAL nesting and preparing!) Here’s my final list to prepare for Baby Ray!

– Have fun, simple adventures with Milly
– Go for a walk every other day
– Hydrate!
– Paint the kids room
– Memorize 3 verses
– Pack my hospital bag
– Date night with Will
– Have 1 last maternity planning meeting
– Get the carpets cleaned
– Get the house cleaned
– Get a mani / pedi

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You have a good work I love your photos, very nice and clear. Keep posting and sharing your idea. Thank you!

I’m exactly the same! I kind of wish I was one of those super organised mums with the perfect nursery and everything just right, but it’s just not me! Sounds like you’re prioritising what’s important though :)

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