Thank y’all so much for coming out to celebrate our 5 year Anniversary of Nancy Ray Photography. I don’t know about you, but I had a WONDERFUL time! Hugs and thanks to Samantha and Jess, who did a beautiful job sharing their amazing music (I could listen to them all day. I didn’t want it to end!), Sola who provided some amazing hot mini donuts + adorable mini milkshakes, and Ally who ran the Photobooth (which was full the entire evening!) The evening was just plain fun. Prizes were given away, and it was so good to simply be together and meet so many of you for the first time. Thank you so, SO much for coming. It was a full house, and I’m so grateful! To see more fun images, be sure to check the #nrpcelebrates hashtag on Instagram! Another big thanks to Kelly who lettered the adorable prints that I gave away as favors, and a big thanks to Callie for working hard on all the details  the weeks leading up to this event!

Without further ado, congratulations to everyone who won the giveaway! Please email Callie(at)nancyrayphotography(dot)com your current mailing address by MONDAY, and we’ll send them your way! (If your gift has color or design options, please include in your email your preferences.)

WINNERS of the Blog Giveaway!

Anthropologie Latte Bowls : Mary Courtney

24 Prinstagrams : Victoria

Essie Nail Polish + Lip balm + Dark Chocolate Almonds : Pat

Great Day Mug : Casey Reinert

Making Things Happen Print : Amy Anderson

American Apparel Scarf : Chaise Mosher


A HUGE thanks to my sister (below) who flew in from Nashville to SURPRISE ME! And thank you Mama for taking care of all her babies and making that happen!nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1018nancyray-nrpcelebrates-3034nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1070nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1067nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1061nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1057nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1056nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1059nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1051nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1049nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1046nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1044nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1045nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1042nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1033nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1032nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1028nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1026nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1017nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1014 nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1011 nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1006 nancyray-nrpcelebrates-1002

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THESE ARE AWESOME! I love the confetti and the background! Did you make the backdrop yourself?! So creative!

Oh my gosh, these pictures are so fun!! Here’s to many more wonderful years of NRP!

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!