During Clay’s dad’s toast he said something that has stuck with me since Paige and Clay’s wedding day “You two are looked up to by so many including both of your parents.” That has to be one of the sweetest compliments I have ever heard, and it could not be more true for these two. Paige and Clay are extraordinary. During their engagement, Jamie and I got to know them beyond just being one of my clients, and they are truly some of the most kindest people I have ever met. Their faith runs deep, their servant hearts are genuine and their love for one another is selfless.

When you get to be involved in someone’s wedding day in such an intimate way like photography, you really get a glimpse into a couple’s life. You get to witness some of their most intimate moments – watching first looks, hearing heartfelt prayers and witnessing emotions that potentially will only be felt a couple of times in a lifetime. Paige and Clay’s wedding day was no different, and every moment throughout the day was so heartfelt and genuine, just like the two of them.

Paige and Clay, I am so excited to see all that The Lord does through your marriage! The best is yet to come!

Venue: White Memorial Presbyterian and Carolina Country Club
Cake: Cinda’s Creative Cakes
Florist: Daniel’s Florist
DJ: Jeff of Carolina DJ Professionals
Videographer: Caleb Kuhne
Hair Stylist: Katie Pursche of Samuel Cole Salon
Makeup Artist: Alexis Lyons of Samuel Cole Salon
Paper Goods: If It’s Paper
Bridesmaid dresses: Tre Bella Bridal
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

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