Over the last few months I’ve transitioned from every day at my church office to working from home every day, focusing part of my time on NRP and part on Financial Coaching.  I’ve learned a few things in that process:

▪ I am a little obnoxious when I work.  Most of my work time at the church was alone in my office, so I didn’t have anyone reacting to what I do when I work, which includes whistling, singing, talking to myself, and may even extend to banging on my desk, if the situation warrants.  Thankfully I have a separate office from the studio, so I haven’t been bothering Nancy and Callie too much.

▪ Nancy is an email machine – She gets literally hundreds of emails in a week, and does her best to answer each and every one as quickly as she can.

▪ I had wondered what Winston (pictured above, sitting on me) did all day, and why he had so much energy to play when I got home each evening. The answer, as you probably guessed. He sleeps. All. Day. Long. I don’t know how it’s possible to sleep so much. Charmed life he’s got…

▪ Callie, too, is a machine. She arrives on time without variation, and works like a maniac when she’s here!  She puts so much effort, focus, and passion in to selecting and perfecting the lovely images that each of our clients receive.

▪ I was under the [false] impression that working from home would result in huge balances of time for work and leisure because I didn’t have to go anywhere.  Wrongo.  When we paid off our house, we also wrongly assumed that we’d have more than enough money to do everything we wanted to do.  Not so.  Likewise, there’s enough work to keep us busy from 9am-7pm almost every night, whether with NRP or coaching.

▪ We’re having to re-learn boundaries.  Might be pulling this book back out.  Since we’re at home, working on our own thing, we’ve been struggling with stopping work at night.  OK in the very short term; unsustainable in the long term.

▪ Since working at home, I’ve been able to see more of the exciting things coming in the future!  There are a number of projects and ideas in development (like The Nancy Ray News) which launched today (go sign up!) and I’m thrilled that I get to help bring some additional capacity to make those projects happen!  Stay tuned!

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