Yes yes yes. I love this sign and I keep it on my desk. This is my mantra this month!

September was my month of traveling, shooting, and hosting my nieces and nephews… twice. It was full of all the important things, and it was wonderful, but I am SO happy to see you, October. I am declaring you are my month of simplicity. No traveling. No additional events or things to add to my schedule. I’m going to be home, I’m going to maintain, I’m going to hustle right where I am. And I am just so, so excited about it!

A quick update on life: it’s good. Really good. Adjusting to not being at church as much as we used to be has been kind of weird, but my heart lights up when I see Will working so passionately to serve his clients and build his business. He still does ministry – it just looks a lot different. I have been so encouraged by new friends I’ve met at AH Inspired and the Influence Conference. God’s faithfulness is found wherever I set my foot.

So yes – we are settling in and figuring all this out. We are loving working at home, together. And this month, I’m going hustle and check off all the things! Let’s do this!

October Goals

Read 20 in 12: The One Thing*, Notes from a Blue Bike, continue to re-read The Advantage with the team
Race in my first Triathlon (!)
Answer all of the 6 major questions in The Advantage & share them with the team
Decorate for Autumn
Speak at Making Things Happen. Much needed, and I love those girls so much.
Order new sample albums & canvases for studio*
Order our 1st 5 years: Artifact Uprising book (I’ve decided to create 1 family album every 5 years to document us. It’s simple and it’s us.)

(*) denotes things I did not quite finish last month!

What are your October goals? Link below in the comments!

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Ooh, a triathalon – I am suitably impressed! Remind me to tell you about my and John’s new running habit :)

[…] Sorry I missed September, but let’s just say I’m welcoming October like my friend Nancy Ray says and ready for this new month. God is good and I’m so thankful to see His faithfulness […]

Good luck at your triathlon!!

Go Nancy go! That’s super exciting that you have your first triathlon coming up :)

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