Three times a year, our team gets together for a day full of team-building and fun! We desire a culture that is centered on our core purpose: capturing and preserving beautiful legacies. That never happens by accident, so it takes intentional planning to build that kind of culture. I am so thankful for this team and how unified we are! These people work hard and are 100% committed to what we believe in. AND they like to have fun doing it! Win win.


One of our favorite parts of this team meeting was the “Choose your Shape” personality assessment. It’s very simple! You just draw 5 shapes on a sheet of paper, then choose which geometric shape represents you the most. The 5 shapes are:

Squiggly line


You should try it! Before looking up any meanings, draw out the shapes and choose which one represents your personality. Just go with your gut! Then, try to explain why your personality fits that shape. After you have chosen your shape and tried to explain it, click here, here or here to read a little about your personality and how that shape indicates certain traits that you have. A few of the girls even went home and tried it with their husbands! It was pretty fascinating, and pretty accurate, too! Any guesses on what shapes we might be?

Our focus this Spring Team Day was team building + taking new photos + upcoming goals for the year + welcome our new intern + lunch + personality assessment. It was such a fun day! I’m already looking forward to our Fall Team Day, with Baby Ray in tow!





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Ah! Thanks for sharing about the Shape Quiz. I guessed I was a circle and after reading the descriptions I think it’s pretty accurate! So neat! Can’t wait to try this with my husband tonight! Hope you and the team have a fun-filled team day! <3

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