Anthropologie latte bowls / West Elm frame with NRP print / Essie  Nail Polish / Dark Chocolate Almonds
American Apparel Circle Scarf / Instax Camera
Great Day Mug / 24 Prinstagrams / Make it Happen print / Nivea Milk & Honey Lipcare

In honor of my 5 Year Celebration this week, (and in celebration of my favorite autumn season that is right around the corner!) I am having a giveaway of all my favorite things! The first part of the giveaway will happen tomorrow night at Sola Coffee Cafe. You must be present to win 1 of the 2 of the items you see above:

GIVEAWAY PART 1: A Raffle drawing at Sola tomorrow night!

Instax-Mini Polaroid Camera

A West Elm frame on display in Sola with a print from our gallery*

*Sola Gallery must be on display for the entire month of September. You will receive your framed print in October.

The second part of the giveaway will happen right here on the blog on September 10! There will be several winners, and you’ll have the chance to win one of the following items/groups:

GIVEAWAY PART 2:  Blog Giveaway on September 10th

Latte Bowls from Anthropologie

Essie Nail Polish + Nivea Lipcare + Dark Chocolate Almonds
(Master plan is my favorite gray nail polish – perfect for autumn.)

American Apparel Circle Scarf
(My absolute favorite scarf of all time. So. Cozy. Your color of choice!)

24 Prinstagrams

A Great Day Mug
(Personalized with your name. Get ready for some Apple Cider!)

Make it Happen letterpress desk print


You have between now and September 9th to enter. You can enter your name in the giveaway up to 5 times, by choosing 1, 2, or all 5 of the following. How many times you enter your  name is your choice! :

1. Leave a comment on this blogpost, explaining : 1. What your favorite item is in the giveaway and 2. What you are most excited about for autumn!

2. Instagram a photo of the NRP Celebration tomorrow night! If you can’t come, Instagram a photo of you celebrating from afar. Be sure to comment on what your favorite part of the celebration was, and you must include the hashtag #nrpcelebrates for this entry to count.

3. Tweet “Nancy Ray is having a giveaway!” and be sure to tag me @nancyray

4. Like the NRP Facebook page, then update your Facebook status to read “Nancy Ray is giving away her favorite things!” Be sure to tag me or the NRP page in your post update

5. Pin any image from my blog on Pinterest, and be sure to credit Nancy Ray Photography when you do. Also include hashtag #nrpcelebrates !

Random Winners will be drawn and announced on September 10th.

Cannot wait to see you all tomorrow night. Let’s get ready for some fun!

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Hello! I love the scarf on this list! It looks super comfy! Scarves are so great for when you’re on a budget! It’s a super cute way to update an outfit without spending a lot! And my favorite thing about fall is the air. There is just something about the way the air smells that makes me want to get cozy, sip coffee and read a good book! :)

I love the circle scarf and the anthro bowls. My favorite thing about fall is the leaves changing, chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, state fair, and carving pumpkins.

Oh, I’m having a hard time picking just one. I like the scarf and the print and the printstagrams! I’m really looking forward to cooler weather, boots, scarves, and cozy evenings.

My favorite item is most definitely the scarf. I live in Boone, so it is impossible to have too many cute scarves. I am excited for the pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves, and long drives on the parkway that autumn brings.

Oh, girl, I’m crossing my fingers for that instax camera! So fun! And I am most excited about autumn because it will be my first fall in Seattle. Scarf, boot, and hot chocolate weather is just around the corner :)

My favorite thing is the beautiful scarf, because it gets
COLD in Iowa! I’m looking forward to wearing it
to high school football games.

The infinity scarf is amazing! Soft and comfortable and perfect for fall.

I am so excited for establishing fall traditions with my husband. Cozy nights on the couch with a blanket, carving pumpkins, going for walks in the crisp air and baking! It is my favorite time of the year and I am so excited to spend my first married fall, with the man that i love!

I would love love that Instax camera! And the best thing about autumn is the gorgeous trees all over these sweet TN rolling hills. just gorgeous. oh and layering my clothes. oh and pumpkin spice. candles. veggie chili. dangit, i can’t pick just one!

Love it all, but I love the American Apparel Circle Scarf!

I am most excited about leaving my windows open and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate snuggled in a blanket!

The Anthropologie bowls! And I’m most excited about football season and the state fair!!

I love everything! But I think I would have to say the scarf – because what I most look forward to this fall is dressing in cozy layers with cozy scarves.

wow so many amazing treats… but I’m going to have to go with the AA scarf because it looks like the coziest + gets me excited for fall, which is already upon us up here in NY. Love the leaves and crisp weather we get with the season :)

Hello! T Thanks for that awesome giveaway. I really like the bowls and the camera.

We had a new baby and I would love to snap pictures with the camera.

The bowls will bring some punch to my kitchen.

I like the camera!

I tweeted! (@HRiddick)

My favorite thing in the giveaway is the scarf. It looks so cozy. I know it will be blustery scarf weather soon enough here in Chicago. I love autumn because of the leaves changing, apple cider, and knowing Christmas is closer (and visiting family in NC!)

My favorites are the prinstagrams and Make it Happen print! Two things I love and would probably never buy for myself!

Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. My favorites are the scarf, nail polish and almonds. I can’t choose just one. 😉

My favorite things about fall are the clothes, changing leaves, driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, pumpkin flavored everything, and Halloween.

I like you on fb and shared the giveaway!

The American Apparel Circle Scarf looks like its so cute for fall! I love your giveaway items! I love fall since there are pumpkins and college football, and the changing leaves are so pretty

My favorite item is definitely the antho bowls. Anything from Anthro is definitely a win:) My favorite part about Fall is the crisp weather and everything that comes along with it–warm coffee, crisp mornings, and scarves!

I facebooked and posted about NRP giveaway!

I rweeted about NRP giveaway!

My favorite giveaway item is the cozy scarf! And I am most giddy about pumpkin spice lattes coming back!

My favorite piece from you giveaway has to be the awesome looking Latte Bowls from Anthropologie – I love that store and those would work so well in my kitchen!

I love all the pumpkin flavored stuff for fall, and getting to wear cute boots!

My favorite item is the American Apparel circle scarf! After moving from Miami, FL to Raleigh, I have a huge appreciation for scarves and chilly weather. That leads me to say that I am most excited about autumn because I get to wear warm clothing and because cuddling gets a lot more sweeter when it’s cold. Autumn also calls for a family tradition of pumpkin carving and being a host to the most ‘monster mashing’ costume party! <3

My favorite items are the latte bowls from anthro…my absolute favorite store. I have many reasons I love fall but I’d have to say wearing sweaters and being able to drink coffee outside without sweating, and going for walks in the cool air to see the leaves changing!

I’m most excited about the 24 Prinstagrams because I really want to print some of the pics of my kids. And I love the crisp cool autumn air.

robyn van den berg

1. HOW CAN I CHOOSE JUST ONE FAVORITE THING??! Scarves are my most treasured accessory, so I’d say I’m most excited about that part of the giveaway!

2. oh, me! I cannot wait until autumn! I bought my house in October, so every year my roommate and I throw a Pumpkin Party — everything fits the theme! I’m most looking forward to that tradition as it truly brings in the autumn for me!

I love the scarf! I’m so excited to be able to wear them again this fall. I’m also excited for PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Lattes, pies, bread…oh my! :)

LOVE that scarf! Always the perfect accessory :) And I am most excited about drinking a PSL in the cool breeze of course! YAY!

Oh and I forgot to say that I am most excited for autmn to come so I can decorate my front porch with pumpkins and eat all things pumpkin spice related!

I pretty much just want them all! I especially love the bowls though, they’d be perfect for ice cream :)

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you are all having a great time celebrating! Well deserved:) I love all of the above! Fall is also my favorite season for so many reasons! :) College football, cozy sweaters + boots, festive decor, family time, etc. I could go on for pages! So happy September is among us! xoxo

Ahhh I forgot to say my favorite thing about fall!!
I love fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. Some things I love are obviously pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin candles, crisp cool air, football games, sweatshirts, and chili!!

Congrats on the 5 years! Woohoo!!
I love love love the great day mug. I have wanted one for a long time!!

My favorite part of this giveaway is definitely the camera! I’ve always wanted one of those :) And my favorite thing about fall is all things PUMPKIN! especially candles.

I think that the mug is the most adorable thing!! Who wouldn’t want to start the day with such a positive (and personalized!) message?! I’m a huge fan of using mugs instead of disposable cups–plus it adds a little something to the experience. And with fall coming, it couldn’t be more perfect to sit outside or in front of the tv watching some college football with a pumpkin spice latte in hand (my favorite) and know that it will be a great day. Congrats on 5 years!

Hi Nancy! Happy 5 years! How exciting to celebrate it after a year full of so much growth for your business! Yay for you! So many fun things in your giveaway – my top 3 favorites are probably the instax camera, the anthro bowls, & the American Apparel scarf! I’m counting down the days until fall so I can actually start wearing scarves again and because I love the pretty change of scenery with the leaves changing colors!

It’s hard to choose, the printstagrams, the scarf, or the bowls… It’s all so great. But if I had to pick one, I’d say the latte bowls! What I am most excited about for autumn is cool walks with my family, and watching the colors change on all the trees!

I think my favorite thing would be the West Elm frame. And there are so many things I love about the fall like the leaves changing and pumpkin spice lattes!

favorite thing is a toss up between the scarf and latte bowls…I swoon for all things anthropologie, but scarves are my weakness! most excited for pumpkin carvings and fall starbucks drinks :)

[…] don't forget about the Giveaway TONIGHT! You must be present to win! You can also enter our blog giveaway if you can't make it […]

I love the circle scarf!! It is soo stylish and fun! I am most excited about the cooler weather that arrives with autumn!

My favorite item is the scarf…..beautiful! I’m most excited about making pumpkin bread for my toddler. Pumpkin flavored anything is my favorite food, and I can’t wait to pass on the flavor of fall to him!

Well my goodness – the scarf looks might cozy but I have to admit the great day mug just may be my favorite. What a great affirmation to have early in the morning before I head to school. Crisp mornings are few and far between in Alabama, so I love taking every opportunity to sit on our porch with a steaming cup of coffee whenever they come along. This fall I’m looking forward to several weddings of friends and camping with my husband.

1. Favorite item above would be the scarf
2. Favorite part about Autumn is the coolness in the air, and pumpkin spice lattes 😉

Hi Nancy! I cannot decide which is my favorite: the latte bowls, the scarf or the nail polish! They’re all perfect for fall!! I absolutely love this season and cannot wait to break out my boots and scarves!! I love wearing layers all fall and winter long!

I looove the great day mug!!! Like you, I am looking forward to drinking apple cider, watching the leaves change, decorating, thanksgiving, apple pies, ah the list can go on and on! Congrats on 5 years :)

Oh my goodness…how do you choose just one favorite thing?? I would have to go with the scarf because it looks so comfy and fallish and I’m so ready for fall. I am most looking forward to candles burning with the porch door open snuggled on the couch with my hubby watching football this fall! See you tomorrow night! Can’t wait!

My favorite on the list is the scarf, because scarves are like jewelry you can cuddle with. Putting one on automatically makes you more fashionable and more comfy. This fall I am looking forward to wearing Fall clothes, seeing Fall leaves, and registering for my last undergraduate semester.

I have always loved those Anthropologie bowls. They will go perfect with all things pumpkin this upcoming season! xo

Hi Nancy!! My favorite things from the list are the Anthropologie latte bowls! They are soo adorable :) an d I love coffee and ice cream! Perfect to eat them from :)
My favorite parts about autumn is wearing boots and scarfs! :)

Oh goodness… All so great! But I woul have to agree with the above comments and say the scarf! Gotta love American Apparel! Fall is the BEST season. Some faves (it’s a tie) of fall are pumpkin chai & football games!

I love the Make it Happen print, and I cannot wait for this fall because my baby sister has her final high school season of Cross Country starting soon! Nothing says fall like a Cross Country meet in a park. :)

My favorite item on this list is the scarf! I love autumn so much because as a 4th grade teacher it makes recess more enjoyable :) and I can get PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES!!

Hi all! My favorite thing in this giveaway is the circle scarf. Fall is by far my favorite time of the year and this is going to be perfect for my long walks to my car after work! I am most looking forward to my daughter’s 1 year birthday on October 23 :) Awesome giveaway, Nancy!

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