I have an amazing team. Truly, I could not be more thankful! Each year we celebrate the team with a fun Christmas dinner, and this year was no exception. We enjoyed a super fun evening together! It included :

– Building gingerbread houses
– Writing down memories and highlights from 2014
– Dreaming and Goal setting for 2015
– Riding through our neighborhood looking at Christmas Lights
– Eating at Kanki (it was Callie’s first time! She loved it.)


I can’t say enough about my people. Truly.

Will is my right hand guy. Yes, he’s my husband, but he’s an incredible asset to this business. He is my 2nd shooter and an incredible photographer, he handles all of the finances, the books, the communication with our bookkeeper and accountants, the payroll, and he keeps tabs on things like google analytics, surveys, my profit and loss statements, our budget, and growth measurements. In short, I’d be up a creek without him. He makes this business successful.

Callie is my studio partner in crime! We work many hours together each week. She’s positive, super-punctual, loving, and passionate. She works like a champ too – she can cull and edit faster than I can now! She is a fast learner, a self-starter, and she always wants feedback and honesty. I love that about her. She is one incredible photographer, too. My jaw often drops when I see her film scans come in – she is the real deal.

Elizabeth is steady, loyal, an amazing photographer, and she has the best sense of humor! She works so hard and loves to learn and grow, constantly. There’s really no better trait to have as a photographer and team member! She adores little kids, she loves newborns, and she loves laughing with parents as she photographs them. She has literally become close friends with some of the clients she’s worked with – that’s just who she is.

And Jamie and Robert get a special shout out too! These husbands have supported and cheered on their wives like none other. It’s always amazing to me when I see husbands who will do anything to support their wives in their passions, and that is certainly the case with Jamie and Robert. Not to mention – they are hilarious and so much fun.

NRP team, I love you. Thank you for making 2014 our best year yet!









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