During the session, Jantzen called his uncle to see if we could drive over to the airport to grab a few photos around the airplanes there.  His uncles response?

“Janzten, do you want me to just fly my plane over to the house?”

How awesome is that!  So, 30 minutes later, we heard a plane approaching.  It was so amazing to watch a plane land on the grass runway of their front yard.

LOVE these next 3 so much!

Just down the street, there was a beautiful cotton field that I drove by on the way to the house.  I knew we had to use it!  Look at how lovely and Southern this next series is…

Thank you Natalie and Janzten for the  memorable Engagement Session!

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What a beautiful couple and what lovely pictures! Kudos my dear :)

OMG Nancy!!! I love it!! Planes, horsies, and cotton fields! :) You should’ve gone for a ride in the plane, gone upside down, and gotten some shots too! How funny would that have been?! HA!

I could die. SO beautiful!!! 😀 Looked like a really fun engagement session!

Super cool! I love the last picture with the cotton. The plane is so unique too!

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