You guys! I turn 29 today! What in the world!?

I’m going to be honest here: this year I’m feeling an excitement and a weight like I haven’t felt before. Today is the start of my 30th year on earth. That’s just wild. Will pointed this out to me the other day: my years on earth line up with actual years on the calendar. I had never thought of it like that before, but then I realized: January 1st is the start of my 30th year! And with that, I saw this year holding a lot of significance for me. It felt heavy and good.

It’s my first full year as a mama. I’m raising a daughter and leading a team of beautiful ladies. I’m supporting my amazing husband on his new career path. I’m involved in my church. I already have a full life, and I’m so grateful!

But 30! 30. THIRTY. I feel this calling to do something more with 30. Unlike many, I relish in this milestone birthday! It’s a new decade! I’m so excited to see what my thirties hold.

So today, on my 29th birthday, I’m keeping things simple. I’m spending time with my family in Nashville TN, eating my birthday cheesecake, and I’ll probably fall asleep before midnight. #momlife. But I will say this: check back in tomorrow. I’m going to be sharing all that I have planned for 30, and I’m scared to death to share it.

But what’s the point of living if we don’t do things that scare us, right?


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Happy birthday, lady! Hope you have a wonderful celebration!

You are so inspiring Nancy, you always inspire me to make goals and push myself to accomplish them! Can’t wait to read what’s next for you! Xoxoxo

Happy 29th birthday Nancy! And thirties are wonderful. They come with such a better sense of self. I’m almost three years in, and LOVE it. Like most, I approached it – for the most part – hesitantly, as I feel that is what society encourages. But, I love the way you’re leaning into it. Keep going against the grain and inspire from out front. Warmest wishes, Leanne xo

Ditto to Em! I love you Nancy Ray!!!

Love you, lady! I know this year will be a great one and I can’t wait to see how you thrive in it!

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