Meet Morgan and Jonathan. They both have glasses, and they both love Jesus, missions and children. Morgan and I met through Young Life, and she has been a dear friend for quite some time now. We have laughed together, cried together, prayed together and rejoiced together.

For as long as I have known Morgan, she has been a coffee snob. When I heard that she met this “incredibly cute boy” on the coffee aisle in Wal-mart, I knew he had to be special. As he held his Folgers Coffee in his hands (wrong choice, Jonathan!), it gave Morgan the perfect chance to strike up a conversation and educate him on good, fair trade coffee. Rest assured their wedding won’t be complete without a coffee bar for their guests for enjoy.

Without a doubt, Morgan’s deep love for the Lord is what defines her. I knew the man that she would marry would be strong, kind, confident, and patient. Jonathan is all of those. I am confident that he will lead Morgan well for the rest of their beautiful life together. Morgan and Jonathan share a deep passion for missions and I look forward to the news that they are moving overseas to pursue their biggest dream: starting an orphanage.

Morgan and Jonathan, I cannot wait to capture your gorgeous “Narnia” wedding at The Lofts at Union Square this December! I’m crossing my fingers for snow!

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These are stunning! Their love is radiating through these pictures!

These are stunning. Their love is radiating through these images!

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