The Milam family was absolutely a joy to work with! I met them at their beautiful house in Chapel Hill when their handsome little guy, Colton, was not quite 10 days old. Though I didn’t know it going into the session, I soon learned that this session was special because it would be shot while Brian and Sarah are in a beautiful time of transition. We talked a little about the changes coming up for them as they are gearing up to move to a new city so Brian can complete his Residency as a surgeon.

To be honest, most newborn sessions happen when a family is in a time of nesting, getting settled and nourishing the sweet, giant change of a brand new baby. You go to photograph a family where they live, and you know that the giant structure that contains those people and all that love and those precious moments is their home. Something about knowing the transition taking place in the Milam family, for me, reminded me that home isn’t a place. It’s not a town, or a house, though we may hold those things near to us in our hearts. I shot this session feeling a little different than I usually do; I wasn’t in their home, I was simply in a room that contained “their home”. I photographed “their home” inside of the house that they currently live in. With Sarah and Brian, home is simply where the other is, and now where their sweet baby boy is. They are joyful and content to find their home in one another in a time of change – how beautiful is that?

Their little dude was precious during the whole session – he maybe fussed once, and just seemed content to be held, to stare into mom and dad’s faces, and to study my camera lens (I love when they do that!).

Sarah and Brian – congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Best of luck to y’all in everything!

















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What a cutie.

Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful pictures of our family and your sweet words! We love the pictures and are so happy to have Colton’s first days captured so beautifully.
-Brian and Sarah

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