This wedding. I honestly don’t have a lot of words for it, because all day I just sat in awe of the weather, light and beautiful couple in front of my camera.

Megan and Clint basically grew up together, so their wedding was filled with stories and memories from the many years of their relationship. They compliment each other so well and it was so sweet to hear all the ways their families have seen them grow together as a couple. When I first met Megan she told me a little bit about the vision for her wedding, but when I arrived on the day I was so blown away by all the little details she had thought of that brought her fairy tale to life. The weather was rainy all morning and suddenly cleared up giving us the most beautiful light to capture Megan in her stunning blush wedding gown. Every bit of this wedding day makes me smile and I am so glad I can finally share it with y’all!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab
Wedding Gown: Hayley Paige from Coastal Knot
Venue: The Graylyn
Event Design and Planner: Ashley Murray with Charming Carolina Events and Weddings
Hair and Makeup: Tease and Blush
Florals: Green Bee Floral Designs
Cake: Celestial Cakes

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