2017 marks the beginning of my 10th year (!) doing business as Nancy Ray Photography. What the what. I can hardly believe it! I worked 2 years completely solo before my husband Will joined me as 2nd shooter. After 4 years, I decided to add the first intern to my team, and then slowly grow my team of associate photographers: Callie, Elizabeth, and Olivia. And now we have an incredible intern program that has formed some of the sweetest friendships and experiences yet! (PS. We are hiring for 2017! In all the years I’ve been in this business, working alongside these amazing people have been my greatest joy. We are a team and a family. We work hard alongside one another, we celebrate one another, we hang out together. I honestly love these people and the culture we have built, together.

I figured it was about time for us to do another little introduction, so you can get to know us a little better! We all wear different hats here at the #NRPstudio, and we all have different loves and passions. Get to know each of us, the work we do, and the things we love below!

White Studio: Portico Pictures
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab


Elizabeth, Olivia, Nancy and Callie
Lead Photographers at Nancy Ray Photography



Nancy Ray
Owner + Wedding Photographer
Photographs weddings on Saturdays, photographs sessions in the mornings or evenings, photographs editorials, works at her NRP home studio Mondays – Thursdays, emails, edits, manages the NRP team, organizes image workflow, blogging, reading, date nights with Will, morning snuggles with her little girl Milly.
Husband: William Ray
Pets: Winston the Great Dane
Kids: Milly (1.5 years)
3 Fun Facts about Nancy:
1. My favorite food is most definitely guacamole. But only the kind that Will makes for me.
2. I’ve never taken a PE class in my life. Truly. Somehow, I always got out of it!
3. I was Dorothy and Will was the Tinman in our high school musical performance of “The Wiz.”



Will Ray
Owner + 2nd Shooter + CFO
Photographs weddings on Saturdays alongside Nancy or Callie, manages the bookkeeping and finances of Nancy Ray Photography, our in-studio IT guy, keeps Nancy grounded, loves reading, blogging, golfing, watching UFC, and taking walks in the neighborhood with the family. He also has a full time job as a C12 chair in the triangle area.
Wife: Nancy, married 8 years and 6 months
Pets: Our Great Dane, Winston
Kids: Milly, already a year and half old!
3 Fun Facts about Will:
1. We both love to waterski
2. While North Carolina has had a HUGE influx of people moving here in the last decade, we are both North Carolina born and bred!
3. Some folks might not think this is “fun,” but our favorite type of night is a night in with pizza and a movie!



Callie Davis
Wedding Photographer + Studio Manager
Photographs weddings on Saturdays, photographs sessions in mornings or evenings, works alongside Nancy in the NRP Studio Mondays – Thursdays, emails, edits, keeps communication rolling with clients and vendors, drops off all deliveries at the UPS store and is friends with the staff, contributes to the blog, loves Young Life, Organization, the ocean, her Simplified Planner, and blogging at Call Me Callie
Husband: Jamie, married almost 3 years
Pets: Bokeh the Silver Lab
Kids: None yet
3 Fun Facts about Callie & Jamie:
1. We five chickens who live in a very cute chicken coop in our backyard
2. I’m convinced that Mexican food might be one of our love languages
3. We feel most alive when we’re on the coast, or more specifically on Jamie’s family’s boat in Pine Knoll Shores



Elizabeth Tate
Family + Newborn Photographer + 2nd Shooter
Photographs couples, families, maternity sessions, births, and newborns; especially loves the smell of a newborn baby, 2nd shoots for Callie and Nancy occasionally, attends weekly NRP meetings and usually makes everyone laugh, emails and corresponds with all clients, contributes to the blog, loves steak and potatoes, traveling with Robert, snuggling her kitties, and admiring sports cars.
Husband: Robert, for 5 1/2 years
Pets: My fat cat’s name is Kiwi, Robert’s cat is Noodle, and we have the sweetest Weimaraner pup in all the world, Dozer.
Kids: No kids!
3 Fun Facts about Elizabeth and Robert:
1. We met when we were 10 and 11 years old
2. We love to cook together, Robert grills the best steak in all the land
3. Robert has called me “Boog” since we started dating in 2008



Olivia Suriano
Wedding Photographer
Photographs weddings on Saturdays, photographs sessions in mornings or evenings, occasionally 2nd shoots with Nancy and Callie, attends weekly NRP meetings, emails and corresponds with all clients, contributes to the blog, loves long runs, iced coffee, music of all genres, and sweet time in the morning.

Husband: Andrew, for 3 months!
Pets: I send pictures of puppies to Andrew just about every week; we are holding out for a little bit though!
Kids: No kiddos
3 Fun Facts about Olivia & Andrew:
1. Andrew and I are high school sweethearts, we have dated since before I could even drive!
2. We are exactly 2 years, 2 months and 2 days apart
3. Our favorite movie is Lone Survivor


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