Our internship program is something that excites me every season, and I love adding to our team, investing in people who are interested in wedding photography, and have a desire to learn! We are thrilled to have Kasey as part of our team for this busy fall season! She will be working with us in the studio every week, assisting at weddings, rolling film, packaging boxes, running errands, and learning a lot.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram, and read even more about her on our website! We’re excited for you to get to know her, so without further ado, take it away Kasey!

Where are you from?
North Carolina, born and raised! I grew up in Apex, and moved to Raleigh for college (go Pack)!

What do you love about photography?
It’s incredible how a photo can take you back to another place and time, preserving memories not only for those who experienced the moment, but also for family and friends many generations down the road. There isn’t much I love more than curling up with a shoebox full of old photographs and reliving the lives of people I only briefly had the chance to know. Photos are a tangible way to describe the indescribable, and that in itself is pretty magical.

What are you passionate about?
Photography, graphic design, my relationship with Jesus, organization, and home decorating!

What is your current favorite book?
Crazy Love by Francis Chan will forever be one of my favorites. Three layers of faded ink in the margins won’t stop me from flipping through the pages once more.


What is your favorite food?
Caprese salad or bruschetta made with perfectly ripe homegrown tomatoes!

What is something that no one knows about you?
I brush my teeth somewhere between four and six times per day. (Thank goodness for miniature travel toothbrushes!)

Favorite thing to do on a beautiful day?
Day trips to the Outer Banks, wakesurfing, hiking, mountain biking, or exploring new places!

What are you excited about in the next 12 months?
So much! It has already been such a blessing to be NRP’s intern, and I’m extremely excited to continue learning more over the next few months! I’m also thrilled to be studying abroad this spring in Prague, Czech Republic. Life has thrown a lot of incredible opportunities at me, and I’m so excited for this upcoming year’s adventures.

Coffee or Tea?
Early morning black coffee, late evening green tea.

What are you grateful for right now?
My roommates who love me so well, the opportunity to pursue my passions, and the last of this sweet summer sunshine.

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