Ok friends, a few updates on my goals. We are 1/3 of the way through with this year (can you even believe that?!), and I’m feeling on track in some ways, and behind in other ways.  Here’s a quick update:

Things that aren’t working: My wrist has been giving me some pain, so I had to stop cycling. (The pressure on my bent wrist would irritate it even more.) I’m a bit behind on my reading, and I’m desperately needing a day completely devoted to emails. I’m feeling behind in my communication and my ShootQ maintenance. The Omnivore’s Dilemma (my current book) is over 400 pages, and I didn’t realize that at first! So I’m spacing this book out over a few months, while adding in some shorter, easier reads as well. The studio needs a good refresh, and I’ve been putting that off. While it’s fun to reset and decorate, it’s hard to step away from the emailing and editing that is so urgent and time sensitive!

Things that are working: I’ve been eating really well, I’ve lost 5 lbs and I feel energized. While I haven’t kept up with cycling because of my pesky wrist, I have tested my ankle’s running ability little by little on the greenway. Thankfully, I think I am ready to start running again! I’m going to take it slow and steady this month, working my way up to running 2 miles straight. I. can’t. wait. Also, I’m speaking more than I ever imagined. Remember when I briefly mentioned I wanted to speak more often this year? Well the opportunities just keep coming! Last month I spoke at Making Things Happen and the Pursue Workshop and our youth group. This month, I’m leading a breakout session for a women’s retreat at church, and I’m preparing for 2 amazing conferences this fall: Amber Housley Inspired, The Influence Conference, and Making Things Happen again!

So, here we go. May is honestly more about survival : keeping me healthy, keeping everything running and photos delivered on time, keeping my head above water. So my goals revolve more around making time for ME than anything else, because that is currently my greatest struggle. I work long hours during the week days and shoot on the weekends, so my goals factor in a lot of good fun and refreshing things to do.

May Goals

Read 20 in 12: Finish reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma &  read Crash the Chatterbox
Celebrate Callie and Jamie! Capture their wedding while being a bridesmaid. Oh yes. It’s gonna be amazing.
Go to Hot Yoga once a week (!)
Begin to run again: work up to 2 miles without stopping to walk
Take our boat out on the lake on a beautiful day
Pick Strawberries with Will!
Write letters to sponsored kids
Speak at the Shine conference at my church
Finalize studio decor
Get my inbox to zero more than once
Complete my series on Organization on the blog
Rewrite and finalize the NRP missions statement
Track my time the month of May (beginning May 5)

Take a Sabbath once a week
Take 2 days off Social Media each week
Sunday: Reset Day! (read more about that here)

Morning Routine
Posture exercises
Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night (by getting in the bed early!)
Eat healthy
Drink 4 Tervis Waters

Have you posted your May Goals? If so, leave a link below!

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I love reading your goals each month – you’ve definitely been instrumental in creating my own monthly goals! Oh and I also shared everything about your Contentment Challenge with my Bible study this month! Thanks for inspiring all of us!!

My May goals are here: http://stephseekingjoy.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/may-goals/

Hey Nancy! I got some pretty bad tendonitis in my wrist from all the wallpaper stripping and painting we did when we first moved in to our house, and 4 years later it still flares up from time to time. Make sure you tell your yoga instructor, she should have some modifications in poses for you so it’s not irritated. And if you’re still going to the chiropractor let them know too, there’s something mine does to make it feel better (gotta tell mine too, it’s flaring up since I’m working on my only definite May goal- finally painting the kitchen!) Hope it feels better!

I just shared an April goals recap and my plan to make May happen this morning! I’m also doing a condensed Contentment Challenge so I’ve been scouring your old posts for encouragement 😉 Thanks for sharing with us!


This is my first time blogging my monthly goals! Very excited! Thank you for always being so encouraging!


I so enjoy these emails to keep me on track :) Thank you for sharing. Much love!

I love your tradition of posting your monthly goals. I am so excited to not only follow along, but to join in this month!


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