If I’m honest, I’m in the thick of it over here. It’s been weekend after weekend of weddings and more weddings, a marriage retreat, and we just spent our first weekend at home in what feels like forever. It’s easy to not even want to set goals – but to just survive and get through. But that’s when I know it’s even more important to set goals, so that the important stuff doesn’t fall to the wayside.

When I think about May, I think about my sweet Milly who is about to turn 3, picking strawberries as a family (my favorite mother’s day tradition), the pool opening in our neighborhood, and evening walks as a family.

But if I don’t prioritize those things, my work and household stuff just seems to take over. Which is NOT okay!

So here are my goals for May. Simple, thoughtful, and good:

Celebrate Milly’s 3rd birthday
Pick strawberries as a family
1 family walk at least once a week
Order my 2017 Family Yearbook
Read God and Money with the Nancy Ray Book Club
Reinstate my weekly newsletter
Finish Emily Ley’s Ruthless Declutter Challenge (I made it halfway through, ha!)

Here’s to prioritizing THE most important.

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