“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.”
– Peter Drucker

This weekend as I was working through my Powersheets and setting my May Goals, I had a massive realization:

There is way too much to do and not enough time to do it this month.

My default reaction to that realization?

Praying – a lot.

What can I say… it’s wedding season. Not to mention, I’ve added a course launch in the midst of wedding season. I’ll be traveling 3 out of 4 weekends this month, and that 4th weekend I’m home I’ll be throwing a 2nd birthday party for my little girl.

As I was reading What’s Best Next and continuing to pray through my overwhelm as a business owner and mama, God began to speak to my crazy busy schedule with some very real, practical answers.

In the book I mentioned above, Matt Perman writes,

“This pressed me to refine my approach to give a greater place to prioritizing – an approach that focused not primarily on doing more things in less time but rather on doing the right things in a flexible way.”

These are the answers I believe God gave me to not only “get through” the month of May, but execute and ENJOY every day of it. I hope they are helpful to you if you find yourself in a season of feeling overwhelmed!

1. I need to take the time to plan and strategize for the month. I often have a tendency to see all the work, then jump into it and work like a little hamster knocking out emails and things I do well, but not really stopping to prioritize and make a game plan.

2. This month is about me being effective – not just efficient. This is what I’m learning in What’s Best Next. This is about me having the tendency to jump in and get the wrong things done (hello efficiency! hello email ninja!), when there are more important things that I should be working on.

3. I need clear, strong boundaries in the studio… so I bought headphones. Let’s face it: when you work with a team as amazing as mine, distractions come easily. We share a small space together, which makes it hard when I’m trying to produce content for a webinar or write course materials. (I just want to hear about their weddings and talk to them!) I’ll be implementing a new policy: when you see me wearing headphones and have a question, write it down and ask it later. (I’ll let you know how I like them!)

4. Delegate and elevate. This is the topic I’ll be speaking on at the Creative Hub Conference, and I need to take my own advice! I need to step up my delegating game and focus on the things that only I can do.


TODAY is May 1st: a new day.
This morning I woke up at 5:30am and grabbed a big mug of coffee.
I prayed over this month, I read Scripture, and planned every day to the best of my ability.
I left the meltdowns and overwhelm in the month of April, and now I am ready to move into this new month.
New priorities. A new plan. A new perspective.


Read What’s Best Next (& hear the author speak at an event!)
Design & upload all videos to course site
Host a Webinar all about growing a team through an intern program
Completely prep June’s Webinar on How to Transition to Film Photography
Photograph two amazing destination weddings (that I am SO excited about)
Maternity & Lifestyle session with Elizabeth (!)
Go on a Babymoon to Highlands (piggybacking off one of those beautiful weddings!)
Host a sweet 2nd birthday party for Milly
Go camping with friends
Take a family trip to Lake Gaston

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Have the best time in the Highlands! We just got back and it was so beautiful! I cannot wait to see the pictures you take (you should add some of them to the shop because I’m already guessing I would want to buy one and I haven’t seen them yet)!

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