I’m going to share a brief little story that has helped me SO much over the past year. It’s a little cheesy, but stick with me, because it’s really good!


One time there was a professor, and he filled a big glass jar with a bunch of rocks. He asked his class, “Is this jar full?” Of course his students said yes! But then he reached under his table and filled the jar with a bunch of pebbles, which trickled down and around the big rocks and filled it even more.

“Now is the jar full?” The class responded, “Yes, it’s full now!” But then he reached down to reveal a cup of sand. He poured the sand over the big rocks and the pebbles.

“Now is the jar full?” The class responded, “Yes of course, it’s finally full!” And of course, the professor grabbed his glass of water and filled it to the brim. The professor finally said, “Now the glass is full.”


The moral of the story is this: the rocks represent the most important things in our lives. If we don’t put the rocks in first, our lives will be filled with sand and pebbles and water… the day to day unimportant tasks that will take over. If we don’t schedule in our “rocks” and prioritize them, if we don’t put them in our jar FIRST, they simply won’t get done.

One thing that has been incredibly beneficial for us as a team is to view break up our NRP goals into this format of 90 Day “Rocks”: deciding what is most important to tackle within every quarter / 90 day period. We got this idea and phrase from the book Traction – an incredible resource we use for goal setting, best business practices, and our effective team meetings.

So what are our Q1 Rocks of 2017? What are the MOST important things to do to set us up for success this year?

– Hire a Studio Assistant
– Hire 3 Interns
– Relocate Callie and refresh studio
– Book 15 Weddings for 2017
– Add 1000 to our Email List
– Complete our Process Notebooks
– Purchase and complete Course Website

We’ve finished the first 3 Rocks, and now we have March to complete the last 4! We’re about halfway done with completing each of those, but we need to finish strong.

After reviewing our 90 day Rocks, now it’s time to mesh that with my personal life and share my March Goals!

March Goals

Read 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
Read What the Most Successful People do before Breakfast
Complete a 2 week sugar fast (Let’s be real. I’ve been gaining faster for this pregnancy – time to reign in the desserts!)
Finish Amy Porterfield’s List Builder’s Lab Course
Grow email list by 600
Book 8 Weddings for 2017
Complete Process Notebooks
Take Milly to a museum or the zoo with Will
Run a 10K (!)
Date night with Will
Purchase Course Site & Upload Films
Finish Process Notebooks (how we do our workflow in detail in every part of our business! Tedious but worth it – especially with a team.)

Do you set quarterly “rocks” or goals? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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I love goal setting!
I would love to hear more about the process notebooks-how do you do it?

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