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Friends, it’s been a long, wonderful, crazy week.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were spent at the amazing Making Things Happen Intensive in Chapel Hill. The soul searching work we do at that conference really can’t be explained, it has to be experienced. With that said, I’m going to simply share images and words and phrases that really impacted me this week.

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What good can I do with the little bit of earth I’ve been given?

I could really love on and invest in the people in front of me: my family, my friends, my teams. I would be PRESENT with my tribes FIRST.

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Thoughts from my MTH journal:

My life is too short to take everything so freakin seriously!
My life is too short to not take beautiful photographs of my daughter while she’s little.
My life is too short to not clean out my home, update our will and organize my personal photos.

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I am saying NO to negative thoughts on the past, the fear of natural childbirth again, and not being flexible.
I am saying YES to what God wants for our future, regular Sabbaths for our family, boundaries, taking Milly on a picnic – just the two of us – for fun.

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“What would happen if you were able to live every day like this?”
“I could get my purpose done!”

The new website and dates for the fall conference are launching this week, so don’t wait! It’s been sold out every single time, and every time, I learn something new. It’s some of the best, most meaningful work that I have the honor of being a part of.

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Nancy, I love your recap! I am so blessed to have heard you share some of those exact statements about life being too short with our wonderful little breakout group. :) I pray you get tons of precious photos of Milly! She is worth the effort. :) You are such a good mom!

Can’t wait to see you again! :)

Hugs & blessings, Diana :)

I always LOVE your MTH feedback. Thank you for sharing pieces of this very personal work. It always inspires me too. xo

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