I just want to warn you, it’s hard not to fall in love with this couple.

Maggie and Seth met on a youth group mission trip and have been dating for the past 8 years. This marriage has been a long time coming. When I heard the news that Seth was going to propose to Maggie over a weekend at Windy Gap, I could not have been more excited. It wasn’t until Jamie and I spent a week in Haiti (trust me, you’ll want to click on that link) with her and Seth on a Spring break mission trip, that I really got to know their heart for people and for the Lord. Maggie went to Meredith College and lead Young Life at Garner High School. She is one of a kind; joyful, quirky, and adventurous. She lights up a room and most importantly, she is one of the most self-giving people I know. And Seth is just the same. They are so full of life and love each other fearlessly.

Congratulations Maggie and Seth! I know your wedding day is going to be an unforgettable celebration!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab
Hair and Makeup: Ximena Garcia Designs

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Praise Jesus for this, so so so exciting!

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