I met Maegan and Nate at Duke Gardens on a gorgeous summer evening. Although I had never been there before, I had the best time exploring the beautiful grounds with these two! It seemed fitting that we were amongst such lovely foliage since Nate is a landscape architect. I appreciated his patience as we walked through the gardens. I pointed at every beautiful flower asking what it was called, and he each time he told me it’s funny classified name! I love the opportunity to get to know people who have a passion for something that I know nothing about.

Maegan and Nate are comfortable and simple. They love being around each other, which made taking pictures of them so much fun. I love the way that Nate makes Maegan laugh! They have been dating for six years and engaged for three, which makes me incredibly excited to be a part of their wedding celebration in September! I know their wedding day will be even sweeter because they waited for the perfect time. Congratulations, Maegan and Nathan!


(Below: I love these “purple ball flowers” that were all over the gardens, otherwise known as Allium. Thanks Nate!) 


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