I had been looking forward to this day for such a long time and I am sure that it is one that I will never forget. Maddie and Brian were married on her grandparents incredible farm in Burlington, NC. It was a dream for Maddie to get married there and the way that McLean Events helped their family transform the property into a magical, heartfelt wedding venue was mind blowing. Every nook and area of the property was beautiful decorated with bright and happy florals, smiling guests and rolling hills.

There were so many times throughout the day that I got to step back and just quietly remind myself how truly amazed I am that this is the job that I get to do, that I get to be apart of incredible days like this, and that I get to experience and photograph some of the sweetest moments in life. What a gift!

Here are some of my favorite things from the day:
– Brian gifted Maddie a beautiful necklace that was her grandmother’s birthstone and when she opened the gift, there was not a dry eye in the room including me
– Maddie wore sparkle sneakers that she referred to as her “party shoes”
– From the printed beer glasses and local beer selections to the local hot dog late night snack stand, there were so many unique and personalized details that made this day all about the couple
– Maddie and Brian had a private dinner out on the dock overlooking the pond
– Well into the reception, we noticed Maddie and Brian taking a private moment out in the field just gazing at the tent with their arms around each other and taking in the moment of all their loved ones celebrating the night away
– The words “Oh Tonight” were engraved inside Brian’s ring and they shared a private last dance under the tent to “Oh Tonight”

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brian Meyers on the most beautiful day!

Paper Goods: Mason Dixon Designs

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